Tuesday, October 17, 2006

18 Jews Banned From Their Homes!

This is happening in Israel!!
If they had been Arabs, the entire world would be mobilized to save them!
It's up to us!!!

Eighteen Jews in Samaria Ordered Out of Home Without Trial

11:51 Oct 17, '06 / 25 Tishrei 5767

(IsraelNN.com) Eighteen Jews from various outposts in the Yitzhar area of the Shomron (Samaria) received administrative orders over the Sukkot holiday ordering them to leave their homes, and in some cases all of Judea and Samaria, for periods ranging from three months to a year.

No compensation was offered and the reason given by the IDF was so that the individuals will not bother Arabs during the olive harvest.

Those receiving the orders were: Boaz Albert (father of five), Nerya Ofan (father of five, previously placed in administrative detention ahead of Disengagement), Hanoch Albert (father of three), Aryeh Gruner (father of one), Meir Bartler (father of one), Eran Schwartz (father of one), Yehoyariv (father of one) and Shlomo Meir (father of one), Edan Malul, Yehuda Meir, Oriya Cohen, Hen Raz, Hanan Herbst, Yehoshua and Yehuda Albert, Hillel Shiloach, Mordechai Noam, Elad Keller

The Mattot Arim activist group is embarking on a campaign to help the individuals return home. "Why are 18 people being ordered to leave the entire area of Judea and Samaria and not just a certain olive grove? And for a whole year instead of just the harvest-period?" asks organizer Suzy Dym. "Also, since when does one punish someone without trying them in court? Would that be tolerated in Ramat haSharon or in North Tel Aviv? Has anyone bothered to prove the allegations against the 18 deportees? Of course not!"

For more information and to help the deportees, email: sddym [at] bezeqint [dot] net


Don Radlauer said...

It's worth remembering that the West Bank is officially under military jurisdiction - which means that Israeli citizens living there, including you and me, do not have the same civil rights that we would have inside the Green Line. Most of the time we don't notice the difference, since the government usually acts as if Israeli civil law applied in the Territories; but we need to remember that we've chosen to live somewhere where we don't have the full protection of "normal" law.

Of course, this doesn't mean that the government is ethically correct in how it exercises its legal rights in the Territories; I don't know the details of the cases you bring up, so I'm not prepared to comment on them. But the general point remains: the government is perfectly within its legal rights to act in the Territories that it wouldn't be allowed to act inside the Green Line.

Batya said...

Still, we must protest. and what about my point about the Arabs?

Anonymous said...

Even with the fact that we live under military jurisdiction, it is a warped world where we take for granted that some dictator can simply ban a human from a certain place, like, umm, his home and family, with any ridiculous reason to fill in the blanks on a whim.

The build up to Amona II continues.