Monday, October 9, 2006

better than the NYT

Islam is a world threat. There's an excellent collection of posts about it in the Carnival Against Islamofacism. The blogging world is a very good source of information, which can't be found in the establishment media. cartoon credit

One of the most veteran of the blog carnivals is BOMS, and here's the latest, in newspaper form again! front page credit

The great advantage of reading the news online, like this, is no dirty hands! As a kid, I'd sometimes be entrusted with buying the Sunday New York Times and then carrying it home. The newsprint would permanently stain my clothes. So, whatever you want to read, you'll find it right here, and try those carnivals!


Gary Cruse said...

I looked at the newspaper front page and thought it was an Onionesque parody conflating the "Dewey defeats Truman" news gaffe with the Spanish-American war. Ah, well. Thanks for the BOMS plug.

Batya said...

Gary, honestly, I just thought it "fit" and didn't really read it.

I always plug BOMS, and any other carnival I'm in, on at least on of my blogs.