Friday, October 27, 2006

In every generation...

A couple of thoughts...

I'm glad to see Anna Quindlen writing in Newsweek, especially that I found her article online. I once read what I think was her first collected writings from her columns in The New York Times and enjoyed it greatly.
This week's topic concerns Senator Hillary Clinton and her chances of being US President. My sympathies aren't with Anna Quindlen on this. I see something else.

No, the biggest problem Senator Clinton may have is with the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. Recent history teaches that when the Republicans suspect they have a front runner, they
rally convincingly.

...But because liberals are idealists, they are unwilling to do the same. They don't even compare their most promising leaders with the opposition. Instead they compare them with the ideal, the perfect candidate, the standard-bearer without flaw.

I see that the "liberals" have a very peculiar way of seeing the world and for that I can't trust them.

Comparing the Holocaust with 9-11
'Is It Ever Going to End?'
The father of a 9/11 victim discusses how the latest Ground Zero discovery of human remains is reopening the wounds of grieving families.

The bodies of the Six Million weren't given funerals. Survivors and descendents have had to battle for the possessions of the victims.

During the Passover seder, we are reminded that every generation must be taught about how G-d took us out of slavery out of Egypt and to the Land of Israel.

I think we're still on the journey...

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