Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Governments, all the same?

Many of us aren't very shocked that Israel's President Katzav is embroiled in a sex scandal. It's a rare world leader/politician without a similar story; though in most cases the stories have been hidden from public view. Clinton survived his Monica, which could be best told in comicbook form. JFK's women were more numerous but more discreet, and FDR had a very serious extra-marital relationship. A generation ago, Israel's Moshe Dayan was excused for his flings and Bibi Netanyahu, by admitting indiscretions, isn't paying the heavy price Katzav is. Of course, it may just be a conspiracy against Katzav, but who knows? Could it just be part of the psychological profile of a politician to have that sort of "impulsively problem?"

Unfortunately, it's not just sex which the politicians get wrong. Read the following two articles about how governments are really run and crucial decisions made. Honestly, I find it rather frightening. These are the people who make our life, death and survival decisions. These are the people who send our sons (and daughters) into war.

First from Newsweek:
"State of Denial"
It was Bush's decision. But Rumsfeld drove the dynamic on Iraq. How the SecDef blew it. An exclusive excerpt.

Next from the Jerusalem Post:
A barometer for Dan Halutz
Blamed by the Agranat Commission for the IDF's unreadiness in the Yom Kippur War, Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. David Elazar was drummed out of the army. Two years later, at age 51, still stunned by the onus that had been placed on him, he died of a heart attack.

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