Sunday, February 19, 2006

They keep dishing it out

While the world is still reeling from the Moslem attacks on Danes and whomever for allegedly insulting them with cartoons, the Fatah newspaper has regularly published some really vicious anti-Israel ones. For more information, go to the Palestine Media Watch.


Esther said...

Yep. But you have to realize, that's okay! Jews can be made fun of and we can tell people how awful they are and how they should be murdered. But don't touch a Muslim. Oh nooooooooo....can't do that. They're too sensitive and special. We're the products of dogs and monkeys, after all. They're far superior to us and therefore deserve our utmost respect. cough, cough.

stillruleall said...
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stillruleall said...

It's hard for us to actually complain when there are Jews themselves who make support cartoons like that. Look at