Thursday, February 9, 2006

...and what if we...

All over the world, Moslems are going on rampages, rioting, claiming insult over some cartoons. Are they so "thin-skinned," or are there other reasons?

Just a couple of months ago, there were a couple of weeks of riots and destruction in France, by ... Moslems.

Bin Laden, the master terrorist behind the 9-11 attack on the United States is a Moslem.

Most of the Arab terrorists who attack and murder in Israel are Moslems. Actually most of world terrorism has an Islamic connection.

But the vast majority of Security Council resolutions of condemnation are not against them, neither the Arabs nor the Moslems. They are against Israel.

Years ago when the intifada began, and as far as I'm concerned, we're still in that same one, since it never ended, our home was on the "must visit list" for foreing journalists.

During one of the interviews with me and a neighbor the journalist, who if my memory is correct, was a female from Denmark. She was trying to be nice and helpful, so we'd understand what was really going on: "The Arabs throw rocks at you to get the world's sympathy."

I didn't miss a beat: "You mean if we threw rocks we'd get the world's sympathy." She looked at me with horror, and my neighbor looked like he wanted to hide under the table.

And I still can't understand why those who harm Jews can win popularity contests, like the polls giving Kadima a plurality of Knesset seats. Just because it's incomprehensible to me doesn't mean that it's not the way the world runs. Remember that one of the greatest all time Jewish fund-raisers is Yad Veshem. It's a lot easier to raise money for dead Jews than for the Jewish Education of live ones. The big donors prefer memorializing dead Jews than preventing assimilation, which is the loss of live Jews.

It doesn't matter what we do, everyone's against us. Every type of demonstration is either condemned or ignored. But that doesn't happen to the Arab terrorists. They murder and maim, and the world loves them. Remember all the praises heaped on the dead Arafat, and when he was alive, too.

The only solution is to "disengage" from the world. We have to become immune from what others think.

There's only one opinion we should be worried about, and that's G-d's.


Anonymous said...

Batya, you are so right on about the fund raising for dead Jews. I remember when the first "Holocaust Memorial" outside Israel opened in Michigan. I thought then and believe now that although these may serve to asuage the sadness of survivors who have no kever to visit, they only provide a "how-to" seminar for the rest of the visitors. At that time so long ago I calculated that over 200 Jewish teens could have been sent to Israel for the entire summer at no charge every year if the capital used to build that "matzeva" had been used as a living endowment instead. By now, generations of those unconscious teens have long since intermarried...

Of course the cartoons are a pretext, even as the entire intafada was a pretext. In this case the Syrians and their proxies, flexing their muscle in Beirut and Damascus are attempting to deflect criticism of the Iranian nuclear program.

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Ben Pincus
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Batya said...

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