Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Strange elections

These elections, just four, could it really be only FOUR, meaning 4 weeks away seem rather unreal. The general feeling is a cynical blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Many people are choosing the party to vote for by "the process of elimination" rather than any true enthusiasm. It seems like most of us feel that we have to compromise on our ideals and general political philosophy. And we're the ones who are planning on voting.

The most "excitement" in my circles are the arguments between the "to vote" and "not to vote" supporters.

There are rumors that the polls aren't showing the true picture. Some people are claiming that the most popular answer isn't "Kadima," it's "undecided." If that really is the case, then we all may be very surprised when the votes are counted.

A TV undercover crew revealed that many pollsters just fill in what they want, but I'm sure that it's a common phenomenon, nothing really new. Since I never make decisions by following others, I can't understand why everyone is so mesmerized by the polls. So what!? All I care about are the real election results not the pre-election guess-work.

I have very little faith, OK the truth is no faith in the wisdom of the masses. That makes democracy a bit like Russian Roulette with more than one bullet in the chamber. We've seen that the politicians don't rule in accordance with their promises. They like to surprise the public. And it's not only here. Remember that anti-communist Nixon sent the "ping pong players" to Communist China. And the liberal JFK was responsible for "The Bay of Pigs."

Could it be that Yes, Minister was really a documentary on how a government is run, rather than one of the all-time best TV comedies?

It's one thing to have elected the French-Jewish "con man," Shmuel Flatto-Sharon to the Knesset in 1977, in his ploy to stay out of French jail, but today's Kadima list is filled with politicians fighting criminal charges in Israeli courts.

To me it's inexplicable that these politicians don't repulse the Israeli public. Instead, your typical Israeli admires them. All I can think of is the phrase from the Bible:
And Isaac loved Essau, Genesis 25:28

Our forefather, Yitzchak (Isaac), was considered to be the purest of all of the early Biblical figures. He was the only one to have spent his entire life in the Land of Israel. As a young man, he walked calmly with his father, not knowing if he was to be sacrificed or not. But when it came to his two sons, he loved Essau, the wild one, the hunter, not the quiet Jacob, who seemed so much more like himself and his father Abraham. So, if holy Yitzchak could be attracted to Essau, what can we expect from a Nation that brings its foreign visitors to Yad Veshem, which exists to say: "We suffered." It wants to get the sympathy of the world, but it doesn't have the guts to use the "m" word. Read the signs, which tell of people who "perished," but somehow omit to make it clear that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis and their supporters. They didn't "perish" in some natural disaster, unless you think that anti-Semitism is the nature of man.

I do try to keep my sense of humor, but we must remember that our country is in danger. Our very existence as an independent nation is being threatened. As any doctor will tell you, you can't cure the disease until you have a diagnosis. So let's stop playing games.

Chodesh Tov,

Mi Shenichnas b'Adar, Marbim b'Simcha!

When the Month of Adar Begins, Joy Increases

B'Ezrat Hashem, With the Help of the Almighty


Anonymous said...

batya, have you thought about voting Hazit. Yes, they may not get in, but even if they dont and you waste your vote isn't it better to waste your vote then to vote for those who helped to destroy Gush katif.(NU/NRP)

Batya said...

NU didn't help destroy GK.

Anonymous said...

Your post is listed in the Carnival of the Vanities, hosted this week by the Cigar Intelligence Agency

Anonymous said...

Sorry Batya.
NU failed during the expulsion. I certainly do not blame them for 'us' losing, but rather their lack of action, and their explicit election platform to join any government that supports more expulsions one one condition only: if a referendum is 'promised'. They are willing to make the same mistake of believing the illusion of 'influencing from within'. I will certainly not throw my vote away with that risk.

I'm voting for Hazit/Marzel because I am enthusiastic about him, his team, his unwillingness to compromise on specific issues, and especially, know that this time, even with the higher threshold, his chances of getting in are better then ever.

Many are simply sitting out these upcoming elections because A) they don't believe in the 'new' NU, and B) so much energy is being spent to convince them that Marzel is a wasted vote. In this case, their vote is really thrown out by them boycotting the election entirely.

Batya said...

We all failed to prevent Disengagement, but if you're comparing the various parties, NU put up the best fight.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I disagree, except for Gila Finkelstein who showed much chutzpah when she wore an orange gush katif shirt on the knesset speaker's stand.

I'm not blaming mafdal-nu for not preventing the expulsion. I'm blaming them (except aryeh eldad)for frankly sleeping in their cosy homes why others were struggling to protest in the streets, on rooftops, etc...

Rav Beni Elon congratulated Bibi for 'winning' the vote yesterday and advised him to build a strong right-wing. I cannot believe that Benny Elon is so naive to want to join a coalition with likud whose starting lineup, including Bibi and Shalom - supported the expulsion all the way.

I'm definitely not voting for NU now.

Batya said...

at least, vote