Sunday, February 5, 2006


I'm in a major dilemma. I have no doubt that there was pre-meditated, sadistic brutality, violence, by the (sic) security forces on the demonstrators, mostly young teens, at Amona last week. The pictures and all of the stories I heard make it very clear. Tonite there will be a demonstration demanding an "inquiry." Fine, expect for one thing. The demonstration is being called, organized, by Moetzet YESHA, and I just don't trust them.

They have fouled up so much and endangered so many people. I don't consider them my "leaders." I blame them for the unsuccessful anti-Disengagement campaign. They're also behind the call for all of those kids who left school to go to Amona. A number of high schools were, literally, emptied out.

Maybe I should just restrict my protests to the computer, where I have more control.


yitz said...

Of course, stay home! Who knows how many heads they're going to bash in tonite!

Batya said...

and at my age...