Sunday, February 12, 2006

Let's take bets!

Here's the latest official government notice:
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)
Following are Acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 12.2.06:

"We are encouraged by the reports from Hadassah-Ein Kerem Hospital on the state of the Prime Minister's health following his operation yesterday. The entire Government embraces Omri and Gilad who are sitting at their father's bedside day and night.

Today, we will be briefed by Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz on the security situation and regarding his recent trip to the NATO Defense Ministers' conference in Sicily and by Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni following her recent visit to the US and her meetings with US President George Bush, US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleeza Rice (, Congressional leaders, and UN leaders and ambassadors."

Remember that Olmert is only PM only as long as Sharon is alive, since Sharon, as a person, wasn't elected.

The Likud was empowered with making the government, and Sharon as head of the Likud was made Prime Minister. Once Sharon is dead the position goes back to the Likud. That's why the doctors have been ordered to do everything possible to prolong Sharon's life. He died and was resuscitated. He's in a coma, massive brain damage, but as long as they can keep his heart ticking, Olmert is defacto PM. And Olmert has an agenda.

If it's only a matter of a few days, I guess the PM position won't go to Likud, but if it's longer, it must, meaning that Bibi will be back in. The doctors have a lot of pressure on them for sure.

Let's take bets! When will Sharon be declared dead?

Send in your bets. I'll put mine on the table already. I think that it will be about a week before the elections, scheduled for March 28.


Unknown said...

Interesting and sick. I'm HOPING that you're wrong on the intentions...! [But sadly, I'm just not sure.] (And I won't place a bet, sorry...!)

Batya said...

Sick, not compared to those kids beaten in their privates.

Life's no rose garden. Or maybe it is, just lots of thorns.

yitz said...

I agree with your assessment 100%. Just one thing escapes me:
Remember that Olmert is only PM only as long as Sharon is alive, since Sharon, as a person, wasn't elected. The Likud was empowered with making the government, and Sharon as head of the Likud was made Prime Minister. Once Sharon is dead the position goes back to the Likud.

Why should even ACTING prime minister go to Olmert and not Likud???

Daled Amos said...


According to Artuz7:

By Naomi Grossman

Ehud Olmert is serving as Acting Prime Minister based on Attorney
General Menachem Mazuz's interpretation of the law rather than on the
law itself. So ruled the Supreme Court.

This was the conclusion of today's Court ruling rejecting a petition
to appoint a prime minister from the Likud party rather than Kadima.
The petition was submitted by the Land of Israel Legal forum, led by
Attorney Yossi Fuchs.

Atty. Fuchs claimed in his petition that the law states that in the
current situation, in which the elected prime minister is unable to
rule, a minister or MK from the prime minister's party must be
appointed. In this case, he said, it should be the Likud, and not
Kadima, as a prime minister is elected not on a personal basis but on
a party basis. Sharon's power to establish and preside over a
government was based on the Likud's victory in the 2003 election.

"Sharon set up a government as leader of the Likud party, which was
the largest party in the Knesset, and he is serving in his position
due to the power of that particular party," Fuchs said.

The judges stated that according to Mazuz, Sharon is defined as
"temporarily incapacitated," and this is different from the status of
"permanently incapacitated" until the elections. For this reason,
Olmert can continue as acting prime minister.

"In light of the announcement by the government's legal adviser," the
judges ruled, "it is not likely at this time that a permanent prime
minister will be appointed before the upcoming elections. Therefore,
the petition is rejected."

The judges added, however, that they would "not take a stand"
regarding the attorney general's legal interpretation of the concept
of "permanently incapacitated" in accordance with paragraph 30(c) of
the Basic Law.

This whole situation opens up all kinds of unfortunate comparisons with Arafat, l'havdil.

ceci le vista said...

So when it boils down; "interpretation" can be viewed as "anything." It is "anything" wrapped in legal technicality/formality.

In the US, this morning, Dore Gold was on FOX NEWS. (sit down now.) In the course of his remarks he said; "....that disengagement thing first talked about in 2004..."

I like him, as a character viewed on new spots, but he sure slipped "that" one past quite fast. "that disengagement thing...2004.."

Why who could even remember "that thing" with the "serious" controversy over "the cartoons" and dhimmitude!?! /sarcasim

Dore gave queue. Add up all the queues and you may win the bet on the Sharon calender.

All of the queues show intent...

Anonymous said...

I think he'll be declared dead right before the elections too. Because Kadima is betting on the "sympathy vote" -- like, "Oh poor Sharon, we miss him, let's do something in his honor and vote for his visionary party."

Using a 99% dead man to keep a Volvo and a paycheck is totally SICK!!!!!

Mark said...

Olmert is very ingenious. Indeed, Sharon could already be dead, but the doctors may lie, for the glory of the premier--er, the acting PM.

yaak said...

I posted on this topic last month. Sick would be a good word to describe it if it's true.