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Monday, February 27, 2006

Rav Benny's Vision of NU, the National Union, Ichud Leumi

This feature article from the Jerusalem Post gives a good clear explanation of Rav Benny Elon's vision and political stance.

Personally, I found it reassuring, since there have been some things publicized of late which bothered me tremendously.

I am 100% convinced that when taking all into account, that there is only one party to vote for in the upcoming Israeli elections, and that's the Ichud Le'umi, The National Union.

I agree with Rav Benny that the Likud is finished. Honestly, I never liked Limor Livnat, even though her mother is wonderful. Limor destroyed her credibility as an intelligent human being, forget about being a wily, wise, ideological politician, when she developed and supported the Dovrat Commission, for the "restructuring" of the Israeli Educational System. She failed in every aspect of her job as Minister of Education. Her wishy-washy stance on Disengagement only confirmed my worst suspicions.

About Sylvan Shalom, who sees himself as Likud leader vying for top spot, I still can't see him as a real Likud ideologue. He always impressed me as one of those who joined the Likud when it was the party in power, because he wanted to be on the winning team. Rather inexplicably he stayed with the Likud, while the super-dirty-oportunists, like Olmert formed Kadima. My feeling is that he was left to bring the rest of Likud into a coalition with Kadima.

And how can I forget Bibi Netanyahu, who took the flack as the tough Finance Minister taking responsibility for unpopular decisions and policies in the Sharon Government. Somehow, I get this strong feeling that regardless of the outcome of next month's elections, his career is far from over, especially if he inherited his father's longevity. Yes, Bibi was already Prime Minister once and did a disastrous job, but he'll keep trying.

As depressing as the present situation is, we must vote. By not voting we are giving victory to those who want to destroy the State of Israel.


Anonymous said...

Even though the NU has taken transfer away from their platform you still support them?

Batya said...

I'm voting for a party getting ready for full leadership, which undertakes many issues.