Thursday, February 9, 2006

Good News/Bad News

To say I'm ambivilent is to put it mildly.

Just before the deadline, The National Union and the National Religious Party have come to an agreement.

Here's my coment to the Jerusalem Post:
It's like good new - bad news.Unity in principle is good, but NRP doesn't deserve so many places. The party is dead. This will dilute Moledet, which is the most reliably pro-Eretz Yisrael party in politics.

It really bothers me that the NRP received so many safe places. I hate the thought that my vote will bring people like Orlev into the Knesset. He's more like Bibi in his willingness to give away parts of Eretz Yisrael.


yitz said...

Why not think of it this way -- MANY MANY people, including Rabbis Avraham Shapira and Mordechai Eliyahu, were urging these parties to unite. Very often, parties lose votes because they have earned enough for 4.2 seats, for example. So let's say Ichud Leumi were to get 12.2 [optimistic, yes!], and NRP 3.8, instead of 15 seats between them, they'd get 16!!! Isn't that great?

Seriously, tho, this gives a feeling to those who would have voted for one or the other of these two, that now they are together. There is definitely strength in UNITY. And Ichud Leumi is not only Moledet, but also Tekuma and Religious Zionist Renewal [whatever it's called in Hebrew?]. So now, Effi Eitam, Tzvi Hendel, Benny Elon AND Orlev & Smoliansky will all be together in one big happy party. Sounds like a real party, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Both the Nu and NRP happily betrayed eretz Yisrael when they were in the government. Why not vote for a actually Zionistic party, vote Chazit!

yitz said...

Last time Marzel ran for the Knesset, he didn't get a seat! He should join Ichud Leumi-Mafdal, and why not add Shas & UTJ to the equation, & have a lot more influence.

Hopefully, after Amona and the terrible neglect of the expelled of Katif, NRP-Ichud won't make the same mistakes as before! Can we say the same about Marzel?

Anonymous said...

yitz, Marzel tried for over a year to get a coalition of Shas Agudas Yisrael Mafdal and Ichud together, he even agreed to be at the end of the list. But they were unintrested.
Dont vote for someone because you think they will win vote for someone because you like what they stand for and frankl I dont think Mafdal stands for anything besides getting thmselves a seat with which they will do nothing positive. Keep in mind that NU and NRP have said they would support giving up land if there was a referendum. With Marzel you know he will stay true to his principles.

Batya said...

thanks for all the comments

re: Marzel; he has no influence and it's no great deal to critize from afar, like us bloggers. I don't pretend to be a politician; I know my limits.

To get something done we must work with others, and that's why no matter how imperfect the new expanded NU is, I'm supporting it.

Anonymous said...

they will just be a disaster like they were when they were going to influence from within the Sharon government.
You should'nt vote for them because they are th succsesors to Geula Cohen, if you recall it was Geula Cohen who got Rav Kahane banned in 88' because she was afraid of losing votes. She was a traitor to the Torah then and I dont see why you think her heirs will be any better.

Batya said...

It's still the best workable choice.