Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The King is in his "altogether!"

Yes! The emperor has no clothes!

And the "little boy" who shouted it out is being indicted for telling the truth! The Israeli Government with the support of (Yes, we have an agenda) the Israeli Judicial system is prosecuting, or should we say "persecuting" Nadia Matar.

Personally I have no faith in the objectivity, nor its faithfulness to the law of the High Court Judges here. Chief Justice Barak has repeated many times:
the court must decide such issues "according to the views of the enlightened community in Israel" - where the justices, of course, are the arbiters of what qualifies as "enlightened."

I just hope that the hearings will be public, so that people will have an opportunity to hear Nadia's defense.


Soccer Dad said...

Aren't public officials insulted in articles like this:

Batya said...

Who said that things are fair here?