Monday, February 6, 2006

A Hundred Thousand, and I Wasn't There

Many of us who think that Olmert is responsible for the unprovoked violence against the demonstrators at Amona, weren't at last night's Jerusalem demonstration.

Some of you may disagree with my use of the adjective "unprovoked," since there was some stone-throwing by those at Amona. That was secondary, a reaction to the horses, riot gear, swinging and swatting metal police batons and worse. The (sic) security forces arrived, trained and primed for violence. They were mean and vicious. They were out for blood. None of the police injuries compared to the injuries the same police caused to the demonstrators, young and old alike. They'll be pulling out that policeman with a cut on his face for a long time, but 's that's minor compared to the kid who had to be resuscitated in the ambulance and the other serious concussions, broken bones and cuts the demonstrators suffered because of police violence.

Notice, too, that I don't call Olmert "Prime Minister." There are legal problems with his taking on the position. According to many legal experts, the Prime Minister should be a member of the Likud, since the Likud formed the government after the last elections.

At least there was no police violence at last night's demonstration. I take that as a sign that they realize that it would have just proven the point that they were violent in Amona and endanger the state.

I'm very happy that so many Israeli citizens attended the rally. Many of us who couldn't were there in spirit.


Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I was there...and I blogged about it too.

Batya said...

visit Jameel, guys