Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Politics, yuck

In some ways I can sympathize, understand my friends who don't think it's worth voting in the upcoming Israeli elections, next March 28. But on the other hand, I firmly believe that we must vote, even though I consider democracy a pretty dangerous way to be governed. Just because the majority thinks something, doesn't make it good or right. Generally the majority is really dumb.

Israeli politicians are now finageling and maneuvering and manipulating and... trying to get into Knesset. It's like a tossed salad. The new political constellation will be nothing like the old one. And I have this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, that it won't be better.

Olmert has been going Kadima into the sea. For someone who wasn't elected Prime Minister, even by a political party, just followed Sharon into Kadima, Olmert is acting very dictatorial. At least the Knesset has voted for a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the police initiated violence when destroying the houses in Amona. I have to do more than just kvetch!

For another "angle" from Amona, read Shlomo Blass telling how his middle-aged, rabbi father was hit in the head by the (sic) security forces.

And remember, it's important to vote in the upcoming elections. It's part of our "hishtadlut," the effort we must make in order for G-d to interfere and save us.

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