Sunday, February 5, 2006


On my way to Jerusalem this morning, I looked out of the bus window and suddenly saw an image that made me think of "jaws." A shark's jaws about to grab us by the neck, crush us and eagerly eat the bloody remains.

I had noticed the big wall, like tall, grey sharp teeth hungry for blood and getting ready to suck it out like Dracula. On the other side of the road was a similar image, both coming closer and closer, each time I pass through it. I thought of that opening scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies, where Harrison Ford quickly leaps through the space as the giant stone door is about to shut on him.

Of course, Indiana Jones times it perfectly. I don't think it will be so simple for us. Some day, G-d forbid, we will be locked out. There will be no "freedom of movement" for Jews. The jaws will clamp shut. That's the government's plan.

Between Shiloh and Jerusalem are many bare, unoccupied hills. If one was to give a general description of the view one sees while traveling the route, "unpopulated" and "barren" would be the words that come to mind. In a few places you can see Arab villages with some newly built mansions and apartment buildings. The Jewish communities, yishuvim, are mostly a distance from the main road. The exceptions are Ofra and Givat Asaf. There's so much unused and government owned and ownerless land north of Jerusalem.

If the Arabs really want peace, and if the nations of the world and even Peace Now really want peace, we wouldn't be in danger of losing our homes. There's so much land here. The yishuvim are all on land which was available for development, unlike some of the kibbutzim or Tel Aviv suburbs like Ramat Aviv, which were built on Arab villages.

Do they really believe that they can appease the sharks, the Arab terrorists by handing them our homes? Don't they realize that they are only making the terrorists hungrier for Jewish blood?

Don't they realize that just like Gush Katif didn't satisfy their appetites, Judea and Samaria won't either?

How much of our precious country, our irreplaceable Land must be covered with blood before this terrible "process" is stopped?


Anonymous said...

It's not about the land. Their just trying to crush the yishuvnikim.

Batya said...

throwing out the baby with the bathwater
so much hatred

Anonymous said...

Just one comment.. there's the Arab villages and there's the Jewish villages. A 'village' psychologically means 'belonging'. A 'community' or 'yishuv' doesn't have that same meaning. We should start calling our villages, towns and cities in Yehuda and Shomron by their names - villages, towns and cities. We live in the village of Shiloh, and we should be proud of it.