Saturday, February 25, 2006

Partying at the Carnivals!

We bloggers like to party, cyber-style. That means that we do it from where ever we are, and we don't f2f the people we party with, or should I say carnival with. Yes, that's right. We maybe passing people in the street whom we know very well, but we've never met them in person. And in some cases, we think that we don't know a blogger, but the truth is that we do, since not everyone reveals his/her identity.

We read and write all sorts of things that get distributed all over the world. The "posts," aka articles, are collected into "carnivals." They're not the sort of carnivals where my son won all sorts of stuffed animals. They're like internet magazines, filled with all kinds of posts. Usually there's some sort of theme to the carnivals, like my very own "Kosher Cooking Carnival."

In my various guises, like me-ander, Shiloh Musings, Blog Free! and The Muse's Pics, I participate in the carnival scene. Recently I've had posts in Carnival of the Walkers #35, Carnival of the Vanities #179 and Carnival of Comedy #43.

So please, take a gander, I'm sure that you'll find some great reading there.

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