Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Baruch Hashem, Back Blogging

Baruch Hashem! I hope you missed me!

It's one of those stories...
A couple of days ago, suddenly there was trouble with "blogger," that's the blogspot I blog from. Such things happen periodically, and usually within a few hours they fix it. While I "patiently" waited, I suddenly noticed that even though I couldn't blog and couldn't comment on blogger blogs, others were commenting on mine and others could blog. I went to sleep on it, and in the morning, yesterday, it still didn't work. I was starting to get annoyed, but I figured that blogger's this big international internet service, and they'll fix it.

Yesterday morning one of my walking buddies mentioned that she couldn't access my blog. She's also a regular reader. Then it hit me! She also uses Netvision for her internet/email. Maybe, since others are blogging and commenting, that the problem is Netvision. I sent out a few queries within the Israeli blogging community and discovered that other Netvision users were having problems. I asked my husband and the other bloggers to complain to Netvision and I went to bed early. If I can't blog, I may as well sleep.

So, this morning I woke up and still couldn't blog. My husband reported that at first Netvision denied that the problem could be with them, but he kept pressing, and techies listen to men, which is why I gave my husband the assignment. Finally he admitted that there may be a problem with Netvision.

But this was hours later and still no blogging, so I called. They told me that the technetium should be arriving in an hour, just the phone crew works 24 hours a day. He asked if I wanted notification when it's fixed. Of course, considering what we've paid all these years. I figured that it would take them a few minutes to change their "settings" or whatever. But no call and no blogging all morning. Then I had to go to work, no call and no message.

When I was in Waadi Charamiya, between Ofra and Shiloh, the phone rang. There's no reception in the valley, so it went dead after I heard: "This is Udi from Netvision." Finally I got home, and there was a message, that all was fine, and I could surf to my heart's delight. Of course, surfing isn't my thing, it's the blogging.

So here I am!

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stillruleall said...

thanks for that!! I was so annoyed that blogger wasnt working and couldnt figure out why mine didnt but other people could. And Netvision is supposed to be the best...

Batya said...

thanks for the thanks
nice to be appreciated

ceci le vista said...

Just for the record:

Blogger may have been doing routine maintenance lately because they were "also" down a few days ago. At least 24 hrs. as I remember.

I noticed a notification on one of the blogger pages but paid little attention to.

I was stuck too! And I'm a "guy." A guy who isn't a techie!

Batya said...

It was netvision this time. It's a good thing people comment to my blogs or I would have continued to think it was blogger. As far as I know, from what the netvision guy said, we were the first to complain. And it was our complaint that got them working on it.