Saturday, February 18, 2006

El Al Security

El Al, Israel's airline, put out a press release to notify the world that they've invested a lot of money to increase flight security. That reminds me...

During the Gulf War, about fifteen years ago, my husband and I were given tickets to travel to England as he was guest speaker at the Cherut Convention there. This was a "high level" invitation, which was for guest and spouse.

Though the Gulf War was between the United States and Iraq, Israel was the victim, since the Iraqis launched rockets, scuds, at Israel. It was strange, since for some peculiar reason Israel didn't respond, just passively "turned the other cheek," in the Christian way, which Christians don't do. There were parts of Israel damaged by the rockets, but Shiloh wasn't targeted. There were even people who came to stay in Shiloh, or send their children, since it was relatively safe.

We left the kids who were post-high school and down. In a friendly supportive neighborhood it was fine.

I'll never forget how the clerk at "passport control" looked at me when she said: "And you left your kids at home?!" such an accusatory tone! I just put on my "I don't understand what you're saying" look and didn't reply.

El Al was the only airline flying during the war, so that's what we flew. The plane began to take off, going faster and higher, when suddenly it made a sharp turn. Can you guess? Luckily the pilot had "fighter" experience, though generally that sort of avoidance is done in smaller planes. He had seen a missile going straight at us, and that's why he turned.

Yes, I do feel safer in El Al, even without the new machinery.


Anonymous said...

Read Fox's Book of Martyrs. From Hollywoods perspective see "THE MISSION" "CHARIOTS OF FIRE"

Batya said...

ok, I hope to. If anyone can lend me, I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

The above comment was ment for the Golden rule posting.

Batya said...

OK, whoever you are.