Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Letter to The Jerusalem Post re: NU & NRP

This is a letter to the Jerusalem Post in response to an article about the NU NRP union

The NRP collapsed, because its constituency matured. It's as simple as that. The patriotic, national religious community no longer feels the need to leech onto the party in power and stay in its political ghetto.

At the same time, the political leadership of the NRP disengaged from its potential voters. Orlev's statement that: "he would he would rather close down a settlement than a state religious school," he obviously forgot that there are state religious schools in the "settlements." This lack of simple common sense is typical of the way the NRP leadership thinks.

Many people whose life style fit the "NRP stereotype" find the National Union, consisting of Moledet and Tekuma, to be the political party that most supports and defends our positions and needs. We don't accept the idea that the Mamlachti Dati, State Religious School System should be political, dependent on the NRP. It's a responsibility of the national government, not a partisan political party. We also don't see being religious as a political statement. We are part of the entire country and want to work with Israelis of all levels of religious observance to improve and defend our country. In this, too, the National Union is the only party in the political spectrum for us.

The NRP is finished, and I for one think that it got too many places in the agreement to join the National Union, especially since Tekuma is already included.

There's no need to be so sentimental, let the National Religious Party rest in peace.

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