Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Two State "Solution," Dead or Hibernating?

Note that in the title and here, I put the word "solution" in quotation marks. That's because I don't see that "two states" would be a "solution" to the "conflict in the Middle East." The use of quotation marks indicates that I'm "distancing myself" from the words, because I consider it inaccurate. For added emphasis "solution" also is italicized.

Just a little history...
  • There is absolutely no history of a group of people called Palestine.
  • Only one people/nation ever had an independent country kingdom in this part of the world, the Jewish People.
  • Many invaders occupied this part of the middle east, and other times it was leaderless, stateless.
  • In its two thousand years of exile from The Land, the Jewish People still focused on returning. Jewish Prayers, Holidays, theology and Bible are all centered on The Land of Israel.
The Arabs who have been named as Palestinian have no unified history. They are just united in their support for terrorism against Jews and Israel. They also don't really want to be responsible for their own independent state, or they would have been happy to negotiate with Israel and come to some sort of agreement. Over the decades, they've been offered fantastic conditions, including plenty of land and financial backing, but they've always refused.

An independent country requires taking responsibility for one's population, and the terrorists prefer to continue their corrupt ways.

And now, finally even some international leaders, media, etc. are finally seeing the turth, though they've come to it in rather confused and peculiar ways:
Donald Trump has ruined any chance of a two-state solution in the Israel-Palestine conflict – and the American public knows it
Labor Party Lawmaker Draws Fire Over Call to Annex Major Israeli Settlement Blocs

Hat tip West Bank Jewish Population Stats Report


Mr. Cohen said...

Notice the similarity between "Two State Solution" and
"the Final Solution" (the phrase used by Adolph Hitler
to describe the Holocaust during World War II).

Why Israel’s 1967 Borders are Undefendable:



Batya said...

Yes, I was thinking the same thing.