Saturday, June 23, 2018

Migron, Still in "Transit," Waiting

2,243 Days 
Since the Removal/Evacuation of Migron
Still in "Temporary" Housing!

I took the picture a couple of days ago, so now you can add a few more to the number.
The community of Migron, north of Jerusalem, south of Beit El, was removed from its location 2,243 days ago and counting... They agreed to go peacefully because of promises of a new approved location nearby. Years have passed, and they are still waiting in their makeshift quarters.

The Israeli Supreme Court cares more for phantom nameless Arab landowners than Jewish rights and the law.


Mr. Cohen said...

Recently, I accidentally overheard a loud conversation
between two Israeli Jews [possibly yordim or
maybe just visiting] who I do not know and did not recognize.

These two unknown Israeli Jews, who I never saw before
and will probably never see again, they both agreed
with each other that the Israeli Supreme Court must be
eliminated as soon as possible, and by any means possible.

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Batya said...

Gd willing