Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Blog Roundup, Read, Comment and Share

I hope that you enjoy today's blog roundup. What do you think of the selection? Do you have any other blogs to recommend? Please respond in the comments, thanks.

Breaking The Stigma on Mental Health Counseling
Weird, wacky, wonderful (Hebrew) words: Time (זְמַן) after Time (פַּעַם) and more…
The Sin of the Spies and of U.S. Chassidim?
Pay it Forward
Should We in Israel Care What Diaspora Jews Think? Part 1
What Has Been Found at Tel Shiloh Recently?
Perfect for Drinking My Cold Brew Coffee
5 things that happened in Israel recently that maybe you didn’t hear about
"There is NO Future for Orthodox Jews in the UK"
Stress and the toll it takes on you
Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem #29, Kotel WC, Prayer Come True
Coffee Talk Ladies on the Go...
Interesting Psak: riding the train
From Jerusalem to Jerusalem, Great Kotel Tunnel Activity
A Father’s Responsibilities (Shlach)
A New Picnic Outlook תצפית חדשה
Harold Zvi Kraushar z"l
Having Your Cake


Marcel Cousineau said...

Hi Batya,
I assume you remember me. Back in 2005 you helped me to get started blogging with 'A Very Heavy Stone' blogspot.
I started another 1, rebel planet dispatch a few years ago.

You sure have given everyone a lot to to read.
I have one more article, and if you agree, please help get the TRUTH out.

How Israel Became A Nation of Slaves to America


P.S. It's good to see Feglin refusing to bend the knee.

Marcel in Florida

Batya said...

Glad you're blogging. Thanks for writing.