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Monday, June 25, 2018

Trump/Kushner Falling Into "Palestine Peace" Trap

As disappointed as I am in the Trump/Kushner attempts to describe the Arab terrorist instigator and supporter Mahmoud Abbas as a peace sic partner, we mustn't forget that US President Trump did recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital City and moved the American Embassy to there, even if it wasn't much more than a sign change.
US envoy’s message to Palestinians: ‘Don’t allow your grandfather’s conflict to determine your children’s future’.
This talk reminds me too much of modern child-raising instructions. When a child's behavior is cruel nowadays you're not supposed to tell the kid that he/she is bad when he does it. You're supposed to tell him/her that he/she is good but "confused" or made a "mistake."

At no point has Mahmoud Abbas shown any sign that he wants peace with Israel. His administration of the PA-Palestinian Authority supports Arab terror by giving salaries/pensions to convicted terrorists and their families. Relations between Israel and the Arabs have only gotten worse under his administration. I saw that very clearly during the six years I worked in Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin. During the first few years, Arabs came in great numbers to shop in Yafiz Clothing Store. There were even group shopping trips during which the Arabs bought lots of products in Yafiz and Rami Levi. Arab tourists, businessmen and visiting family members would stock up on our clothes. We had very friendly relations with Arab customers, especially the wives of UN and NGO officials based in Ramalla. But that ended about four years ago when PA Police began threatening our customers and confiscating their purchases.

Much earlier on Trump said that he wouldn't impose a "peace" agreement on Israel and the Arabs, but now he's planning something of the sort. This is a major error. Trump should stop the project, because it won't be successful. It won't bring peace. It will just encourage more terrorism against Israel and Jews.

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Neshama said...

Trump is having a hard time with America’s illegal immigrants because he is to recognize that the Palestinians are illegal immigrants in Israel threatening the lives of Israelis, much the same as the illegal Spanish speaking illegal immigrants are swarming into America and with them gangs that murder Americans. So says, in his own words not mine, Rabbi Kessin. Video at ShiratDevorah blog.

Jewgirl said...

Kushner as a Jew should have advised his father-in-law to stay out of it, that should tell you something.. want to make HaShem laugh tell Him your plans..

Mr. Cohen said...

Trump and Kushner fail to understand the
most basic fact about the conflicts between
Israel and its Arab/Muslim neighbors:
the conflict is NOT about land.

Contrary to popular belief, THE

The conflict is about the Koran and
Hadiths, Islam’s most important sacred
writings, which are filled with hate against
Jews like a pomegranate is filled with seeds.

Who are the Palestinians?


Why Israel’s 1967 Borders are Undefendable:



Lawrence said...

Notice the self-censorship from pro-Trump and pro-Israel groups, orgs, blogs, news websites here. Good on Shiloh for puncturing this lie about Trump being pro-Israel, he isn't. No American president has ever been pro-Israel. I can't think of one. Sure Trump is better than Obama, but that's not saying much.

The pathetic self-censorship all over the conservative media here, is just that, pathetic. Hopefully Commentary, Jewish Press and Tablet have something to say, but not yet it would seem. What are they waiting for? The fawning Trumpkin ideologues such as Horowitz at FrontPage, Roger Simon's PJMedia, and so many others, expect the usual self-censorship from them.

Lawrence said...

Hopefully Klein at ZOA calls Trump out here (has he? have I missed it), but of course the cowards at AIPAC will have nothing to say, and probably back this 'peace plan'.

Anonymous said...

Every American leader has enough arrogance to believe they can bring peace. They better be careful or they'll end up just like Europe and Scandinavia. Peace Now and all the other NGO's that appeal to so many self-hating Jews has been receiving millions of dollars from these organizations on the sly in order to sabotage Israel, DESPITE their efforts to convince Israel that giving their sworn enemy everything they want including the right of return is a great idea. Now look what is happening to them. They come pouring over their shores and like ants they effortlessly scale their highest security fences without problem. The French and German people peek out their curtains before going outside. Life as they've known it is over. Mida kneged mida. This is the beauty of Hashem's justice. What they wanted for Israel is happening to them. Trump and Kushner better be careful.

Anonymous said...

Utzu eitzah v'sufar, dabru davar, v'lo yakum, ki imanu Kel! No one, nothing can change or uproot H's Promise to the Bnai Yisrael!

Batya said...

N, I don't see the connection.

Jewgirl, just because Kushner's Jewish doesn't make him an expert in Israeli issues.

Mr. Cohen, exactly

Lawrence, I don't expect any wisdom

a, a, Gd willing

Neshama said...

America has an invasion of illegals that are causing havoc for Trump, the govt, and the American people. Murderous gangs and “others” are sneaking in to do damage. There is a legal way for immigrants to enter the country. They are invading not applying for citizenship.
The Palestinians are illegal immigrants to the Land of Israel, which belongs to the Jews, historically,legally and by winning wars. These illegals are squatting on Jewish Land, and harboring terrorists out to kill Jews.
That’s the connection = illegals.