Saturday, June 2, 2018

Shavua Tov, Wonderful Week, Couldn't Survive Without Shabbat

Havdala, the ceremony that ends Shabbat and starts the week

As the modern world/life becomes more and more hectic, the traditional Jewish Sabbath, Shabbat seems even more necessary for survival, coping.

No cooking on Shabbat. Though you can still cut up a fresh salad, the rest of the food must be ready for eating or just heating up. And that includes boiling water in advance for coffee or tea.

Turn off the phone, computer, television, radio etc. You're not even allowed to turn on or off a light. Set it all up in advance.

No sewing, no writing, no typing, no drawing, no cleaning, no ironing, no laundry.

No driving nor shopping. You learn how to be organized.

Eat three meals. Be sociable.

Pray, study and relax.

Remember how to converse with people, face to face. Read their expressions; read a book.

Give it a try.


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