Monday, June 18, 2018

Israel Under Attack- Who Cares?

There's nothing peaceful about the protests from Gaza. They are vicious attacks on Israel, people, Land and more.

The fact that Israel has been condemned for self-defense, but the Arab terrorists haven't been condemned just shows that the world hasn't really changed since the 1930s when Hitler and the Nazis began and continued their persecution and murder of Jews.

There is only one reason why many Israelis haven't yet died from these attacks. Gd has been protecting us, just like in the Gulf War.

I don't really expect fairness from the world, because the two most dominant  religions, Islam and Christianity have a strong theological hatred of Judaism and Jews. We must recognize that. Our only chance for survival is to be more Jewish and obey Gd.


Netivotgirl said...

Short, sweet, straight to the point and SPOT ON as all of your blogs are!! You are succint and every word shines with truth- EMET! Bravo, Batya!!!

Mr. Cohen said...

If the United Nations Organization (and the
news media and the academic world) would
help Israel, then Jews would not learn to
place all their faith and trust in G*D alone.

Therefore, the fact that nobody helps Israel
is a hidden benefit, because it gives Jews
an opportunity to gain faith and trust in G*D alone.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, but in my humble
opinion, the Israeli abomination parade
must be stopped at any cost.

Israel’s government must reduce the number
of foreign reporters who are permitted to
visit Israel, and foreign reporters who
are known to be hostile to Israel must
never be permitted to enter Israel.

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Anonymous said...

Just imagine if it were a normal world, in a few hours Israel could fix the problem permanently.

Vort On Parshas Chukas said...

Meshech Chocmas vort on parshas Chukas

Batya said...

a, we just should

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