Monday, June 11, 2018

Should We in Israel Care What Diaspora Jews Think? Part 1

There have been headlines and articles all over the media about how "American Jewry" doesn't approve of Israeli politics and policies.
  1. Should we care?
  2. How do they, the pollsters and writers define "American Jewry?"
Let's make it very clear that the State of Israel was established despite the feelings and policies of American and other diaspora Jews. We, here in Israel, don't owe them anything! Nor do we owe any thanks or loyalty to foreign countries and NGOs which did nothing more than pay a bit of "lip service" to "approve" the establishment of a Jewish State.

After the historic United Nations vote, November 29, 1947, the "yeas" collectively sat on their respective hands and waited for the Arabs to defeat and destroy the "Zionist entity." They were either the same national leaders or diplomats who did nothing to stop the Nazis' systematic destruction of European Jewry.

The State of Israel is alone and treated to a different standard from any other country. 

Only the State of Israel has its chosen Capital City snubbed and vetoed by international bodies and foreign countries. This was very recently changed when USA President Donald Trump bucked the crowds and stated that the State of Israel, like all other countries in the world, has every right to choose its Capital City. This is davka something that many candidates, both winners and losers, for the US Presidency claimed when campaigning, but they quickly reneged post-elections. You'd think that American Jewry would be cheering Trump's policy, but they, the majority, won't support anything Trump does, even if previously they had been in favor.

So, in all honesty, I don't consider the majority of American Jewry honest brokers or truly pro-Israel. 

And about my second question. That will have to be answered in a different post. You can already respond to it in your comments.


Mr. Cohen said...

Should Israeli Jews listen to Diaspora Jews?

Listen to what the Liberal Jews say, then do the exact opposite.
That way, you will always do the right thing :-)

Please read my newest blog post:

Who are the Palestinians?

Anonymous said...

I believe that Jews who have NO connection to their heritage, to Torah and to the Land of Israel (in other words, disassociated themselves from Judaism and became Liberals, their new religion) have no more rights to having any clout in regards to their opinions than any other peoples. They never had interest in reconnecting to our Homeland and were (as the Reform mvmt) even hostile to the creation of the new state of Israel. The Land of Israel is literally holy, G-D's Abode on earth given to His chosen children, Yisrael - to those who keep his laws and statutes. Those fighting against Him and His Torah have no rights to the Land unless they repent. This goes for those in leadership roles who go against the very basic laws of our Torah because going against the very foundation of Torah in the Holy Land, so we can be like the nations, can only bring disaster, c'v.

Batya said...

Mr C and a, personally I ignore them and have my own opinions which don't always coincide with the Israeli Government either.

Anonymous said...

Bruhe Vehacluhe to Shilo Musings!
Let me explaine in psites some fundamental corrections. First of all, before the Geile Shleime every and each Jid is in Gules. Even in Erec Jisroel is a Golus. Don't be fooled by yourself. So there is ah ve-rak diaspora. Mi-d'ojrajse you have to stay there till the time comes. We have to pass Golus Edojm and Golus Jishmael. There is defenetly no self-redemption, by means of getting on the plane to tel-aviv, it is the same as you go to Koppenhaga. It is stirctly forbidden to ajle to Erec Jisroel either be-johid or be-hajmo. Keep in mind the slajso shvuojsz. As the Hajlige Reb Jojlis ztzal and the Hajlige Minhas Eluzer fin Minkacs wrote. And most of the Ungarishe Rabonem. Therefore, I kindly advise you to leave that state to your original country of Golus.
Ejn hovus matir et-acmoj.
Bahave Rabe Avrohom Danziger
Tapioszele Magyarorszag Hungary

Batya said...

Sorry, Bahave Rabe Avrohom Danziger, but I haven't a clue as to what you wrote.

Netivotgirl said...

Short, sweet and spot on as usual Batya. You summed it up perfectly when you wrote:"So, in all honesty, I don't consider the majority of American Jewry honest brokers or truly pro-Israel." I agree 100%! Well done!

Mr. Cohen said...

The list of American Jews who are NOT pro-Israel include:

Liberals, Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, J Street,
New Israel Fund, members of the Democratic party, the
entire Reform Judaism movement, children of intermarriage,
readers of Tikkun magazine and students at Berekely in CA.

I hope this helps, and if any of those people
are pro-Israel, then please forgive me.

Sephardic Jews REJECT Reform Judaism:

LondonMale said...

Your post ignores the contributions of diaspora world war two veterans who went to Israel to fight for it's independence in 1947/48 - from the USA, the UK, South Africa and elsewhere.
It ignores the many millions in Tzedakkah raised by diaspora Jewry for Israeli causes.

Of course Israeli Jews should care what the diaspora thinks, and vice-versa.
We are all Jews, and whilst it has begun, the completion of Kibbutz Galiyot (ingathering of the exiled Jews) will not happen until Maschiach arrives.

The task is to educate diaspora Jewry into the typical mindset of Israeli Jews particularly with regard to security and defence, to impress that sometimes live ammunition is needed.
The task is to bring as many diaspora Jews to Israel as possible, on Birthright and other trips, to show what Israel has to offer; it's beauty, it's resourcefulness and it's kedusha.

Batya said...

NG, thanks
LondonMale, those individuals included my uncle. But besides the fact that they were individuals and not at all mainstream, many did return back to the states and lost contact with the realities of life here.
I also don't think that a diaspora rabbi has the authority to give a psak/decision about aliyah, since he doesn't observe the mitzvah.

Neshama said...

I’m sure this does not consider the 500,000 Orthodox Haredi Jews in the US. Therefore, only the Jews born of a halachic Jewish mother matter at all. The others are part and parcel of the JStreet et al liberal anti Israel persons.