Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Why Do People Hate Jews?

I highly recommend this excellent talk.

Produced by Mr. Beat


lgstarr said...

Chosen by Gd. Light of the World. End of story.

Mr. Cohen said...

This video contains a big mistake.

At time = 9:44 and 9:52, the map of
“Palestine” only shows the part of
Palestine that is west of the Jordan River.

In truth, the British Mandate for Palestine
included all of the lands that are now:
Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and Jordan.

The entire British Mandate for Palestine
was originally intended to become a homeland
for the Jews, but because of Arab complaints,
78% of Palestine became the Arab nation of Jordan,
and only 22% of Palestine became the Jewish
nation of Israel.

That was the original “Two State Solution”
that 99.9% of the world has forgotten about,
including Jews.

The Palestinians already have a
“Two State Solution and their own
country: It is called JORDAN.

In 1970, Yassir Arafat’s Palestine Liberation
Organization (PLO) attempted to take control
of Jordan, because they recognized that Jordan
is Palestine.

In 1978, Shimon Peres told Menachem Begin:
"Jordan is also Palestine".

For many years, the Catholic Church refused
to recognize both Israel and Jordan, because
both countries are the Biblical “Holy Land”.

President Ronald Reagan said this in year 1980:

“Israel and Jordan are the two Palestinian states
envisioned and authorized by the United Nations.
Jordan is now recognized in some 80 per cent
of the old territory of Palestine…”

The Palestinians already have a state: It is called Jordan.
Jordan is more than three times the size of Israel.

Why Israel’s 1967 Borders are Undefendable:

Ancient Roman historians
connected Jews with the Land of Israel

Neshama said...

Batya, i’d like to send you some info about a new technology being used in Eretz Yisrael that is very detrimental to our lives. Please contact me at with your email please. Thanks

Batya said...

I, jealousy?
Mr Cohen contact the producer

Anonymous said...

Agree with Mr. Cohen, there were mistakes in this video; also, what bothered me was saying 'palestine' (Israel) was the homeland of the arabs. Most of the arabs living in Israel were from neighboring arab countries. They were first invited by the Turks and then by the 'Jew'loving Brits (ha,ha) to come to 'palestine' for employment because they didn't want the Jews to become a majority in the Land, as many were already making Aliya from the middle to late 1800's. Otherwise, it was a fine video done by a fair-minded gentile with the information he had.

Anti-semitism is definitely a spiritual problem which cannot be explained in rational terms because it is something implanted by H'. The Jew enlightened the world to the knowledge that there is a G-D and brought civilization and its laws which took away their freedom to do as they wish, believing there would be no consequences. There is also a great jealousy as they know the children of Israel are H's chosen nation and they also see the great accomplishments to the world's benefits by our people, who are small in number compared to the rest of the world. Sinah v'kinah!

Batya said...

I repeat. Contact the producers if you don't like it.
Nothing's perfect, and there isn't much available.