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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Two Pictures that Meant Most to Me at Beit Hatfutsot

Last week I visited Museum of the Jewish People - Beit Hatfutsot as part of the senior citizens program in the Ofra Girls High School, Ulpanat Ofra, with the students who worked with us on our oral histories. As we were all taken from exhibit to exhibit, we were told to look with our student and choose what means the most to us.

Here are two things that meant a lot to me:

This Life Magazine article was tucked away among other things, which is a shame. This article tells of the illegal Jordanian Occupation from 1949-1967, when Jews were forbidden to go to their Holy Places in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and more. There was a border, and the Jordanians also shot at Jewish neighborhoods. The world didn't care.

I took a selfie of myself next to this picture of children leaving a boat docked in an Israeli port, making aliyah. We made aliyah by boat, but as a young married couple, almost twenty years after the photo had been taken.

It's such a strange feeling to know that my life is considered part of Jewish History. I really don't feel that old, but in my head, I know that what others learn as history I experienced and/or remember being part of.


Ruti Mizrachi said...

I, your friend in awe of you and your husband for coming on aliyah when you did, will continue to encourage you to write a book. You have indeed lived through a part of history that is fundamental to Israel's story, and many -- not only your children and grandchildren! -- would benefit from a written account, in your unique voice. I am reminded of this, because I just finished reading Rabbi Emanuel Feldman's journal account of the time leading up to the Six Day War, called The 28th of Iyar. Looking forward to reading YOUR book about your piece of Israel's history.

Batya Medad said...

Thank you dear friend. Honestly I think it was much more difficult for you and your family to come with older children.
Yes we mist start on my book.

Mr. Cohen said...

Some people might say that my life is also a
microscopically-small part of Jewish History
because there were many times when articles
that I wrote were published in Jewish newspapers,
and for many other very-little accomplishements
that I cannot reveal without risk of bragging.

Some people might even say that participating
on this blog makes me a microscopically-small
part of Jewish History.

No matter how old my body becomes, the inner
spirit does not really age, because only physical
objects age; spiritual entities are eternal.

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Batya Medad said...

The oral history project recognizes that we all play a role in the History of the Jewish People.