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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Land of Israel is Central to Judaism, Not a "Yetzer Haraa"

I got some very peculiar reactions to my blog post about Israel's Eurovision win. Someone even called me on my home phone to tell me how objectionable he found that article. He kept referring to Netta Barzalai as "an abomination." I honestly don't understand how he can say that.

As female performers go, Netta was rather covered up. She used a costume, rather than her skin to get people's attention. This caller and some of them who commented on my blog had the gall to insist that as a religious person, I should condemn her and the song. Also they suggested that I have nothing to do with Eurovision. You can check the comments on the post if you're curious.

All I can say is that they are not my rabbi, and I didn't ask their opinion. I mentioned how Rav Kook had even seen the good in the chalutzim, pioneers who worked the Land, even if they considered themselves secular. The caller was horrified when I said that, claiming that Rav Kook would side with today's chareidim, which I consider rather unlikely.

One of those who commented said something I consider awful:
"...I'm not "condemning" anyone, I'm criticizing. Not Neta B and other non-observant Israelis, but members of the religious public that have made love of the land into a form of avoda zara."  Emphasis mine
Honestly, it goes against the very basic principles of Judaism to remove/ignore the Land of Israel. First of all I don't see us as "worshiping it." What we do is recognize the centrality of the Land of Israel to Judaism.

Judaism is not like any other religion. Judaism is Land-based. Christianity, for instance, isn't; it has no diaspora. The moslem calendar is a simple lunar one which makes the holidays float from season to season. Those religions can be observed equally anywhere.

The Jewish Calendar is the only which is both lunar and solar. This guarantees that our holidays will fall in the correct season. Jews all over the world pray for rain and dew when they are best needed in the Holyland, in ארץ ישראל the Land of Israel. There are many mitzvot that can only be performed the Land of Israel. We are supposed to live here in the Holyland.

Remember that the baal teshuva phenomenon began after the Establishment of the State of Israel, especially after the phenomenally miraculous 1967 Six Days War victory. Before then, the trend was to reduce religious observance, not to increase it. Our return to the Land and sovereignty, even as imperfect as it presently is, has rejuvenated Torah living.

We must keep looking for the good in what is being done and do our best to make things better, not to criticize and look for the faults.

Thank Gd for the miracles and wonders He performs for us. And we mustn't forget that it is our responsibility to do our best for Judaism, The Jewish People and the Land of Israel.

When I look back on the half a century I've lived here in the Land of Israel, I see such phenomenal improvement in so many aspects of Jewish Life and Nationhood, Baruch Hashem!


Mr. Cohen said...

Why do many nations attempt to take the Land of Israel,
especially Jerusalem, away from the Jews?

The answers are found in the Jewish Bible,
known as the Tanach in Hebrew and
the “O.T.” (Only Testament) in English:

[1] In the Biblical Book of Joshua
(chapter 23, verses 12 to 13), G*D Himself
warns that intermarriage with non-Jews will
cause the Jews to fail in their attempt
to conquer the Land of Israel.

Even worse, G_d also warns that intermarriage
with non-Jews will cause the Jews to be
pushed-out-of the Land of Israel.

[2] In the Biblical Book of Jeremiah
(end of chapter 17), the prophet warns that
Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem depends
on Jews observing Shabbat, the Jewish
Sabbath. If the Jews honor Shabbat,
then Jerusalem will be ruled by the Jews forever.

If the Jews DO NOT honor Shabbat,
then the opposite happens [may G*D have mercy].

[3] The Biblical Book of Tehillim
[called “Psalms” in English] (chapter 105,
last 2 verses of that chapter) teaches that
G*D gave the Land of Israel to Jews because
He wants Jews to carefully obey His commandments

Given what this verse teaches, what will
happen to Jewish control of the Land of Israel,
if Jews fail to obey His commandments?

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Was Isaiah an Orthodox Jew?


Was Ezekiel an Orthodox Jew?


Was Jeremiah an Orthodox Jew?


Was Ezra an Orthodox Jew?


Was Nehemiah an Orthodox Jew?


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Batya Medad said...

Hate and jealousy