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Friday, May 25, 2018

Disengagement, Stay Tuned

Today I visited Nitzan where many of the victims of Disengagement, those displaced from their homes now live. Suddenly I thought of something, but there is no way I can write it up on my phone.

Please watch this blog. Gd willing I write  about it next week.


NO SHOES said...


Mr. Cohen said...

When Israel withdrew from Lebanon in the early
1980s, Lebanon soon became filled with terrorists
shooting rockets at Israel's civilian population.

The same thing happened in Gaza, two decades later.

Muslim behaviour never really changes,
because the Koran and hadiths never change.

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Marcel Cousineau said...

I remember when Israel was young the nation understood the importance of defeating their enemies.
Now that Israel is old and after decades of being seduced by a false love who always promises peace but never delivers, the leaders make sure to keep Hamas and Fatah strong, and a growing threat, all to please her pimps of no peace in Washington.

This abomination and idolatry of putting Washington above God will not end well for Israel.

Martha said...

This question doesn't pertain to your post, but here goes. I live in the US, and have been seeing ads on TV to raise money to help elderly Holocaust survivors who live in poverty in Israel. I find it hard to believe that the Israeli government would not have some aid in place for elderly poor Holocaust survivors. Is there really a need, or are the ads playing on our emotions?

Batya Medad said...

Martha, check how much money goes to employees etc from any fund. Sometimes the overhead is inflated.
Marcel, don't idealize the Labor party. They wasted plenty of opportunities and discriminated against Jews who were on the Right or from North Africa. They are the grandparents of the Left of today.
Mr Cohen for sure

CDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

Looking forward to your thought, just as a reminder. ;)