Monday, May 21, 2018

PA Post-Abbas Prediction: Death, Violence and Instability

Terrorist in tailored suit Abbas's days are numbered.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas admitted to hospital
President Mahmoud Abbas is in hospital for a third time this week, according to Palestinian media.
Abbas is elderly with multiple health problems, so one doesn't need a crystal ball to know that he won't live much longer.

Even though technically, Abbas was elected to his position, it was supposed to be for a limited term. The "expiration date" came and went; no elections were ever held. So, for all practical purposes, Mahmoud Abbas is a dictator, and like many dictators, in order to hold onto his position, perpetuate his rule, he hasn't groomed a successor. And we all know what happens once a dictator dies or comes incapacitated, others violently compete to succeed him. And there's always collateral damage. That means others, innocent bystanders get killed.

Unfortunately, there's a chance that the violence will spread outside of Ramalla and other cities and towns included in the so-called  PA-Palestinian Authority. Gd willing, they'll keep their violence and killing within the family, and it will end quickly.

Shiloh Memorial of those murdered by Arabs

Shiloh Cemetery 


Dov Bar-Leib said...

Nah.. Abbas is simply serving in the 14th year of his four year term. In PA textbooks they only know how to count dead Jews, not years.
I am sure Kushner and Breenblatt are on the prowl looking for a "moderate" Arab voice in the PA to replace Abbas, a pin cushion that Ya'ir Lapid can praise for his moderation and his desire to make Pieces.

Batya said...

Let's see...

J.E. Andreasen said...

I nominate Saddiq Khan.

Batya said...

Maybe they'll just self-destruct...

Mr. Cohen said...

Contrary to popular belief, the reasons
why The Middle East is filled with violence
and instability are not complicated or obscure.

The reasons why The Middle East is
filled with violence and instability
can be explained in one word: MUSLIMS.

The more you understand about MUSLIMS
and their culture and their beliefs,
the more you understand why The Middle East
is filled with violence and instability.

That is not an easy thing to do because
the entire news media and the entire
academic world do everything they can
to conceal truths about MUSLIMS.

Why Muslims Hate Jews:

Batya said...

And transition by them is even more explosive.