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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Guest Post: JTA vs Judaism

(a guest post by Mr. Cohen)

The JTA (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) recently chose to give valuable free publicity to Frankel's, a new Jewish-owned delicatessen in New York City which is NOT KOSHER.

At the same time, JTA also published an opinion article by Seymour Rosenbloom, urging Conservative Rabbis to officiate at interfaith weddings.  Interfaith means Jews marrying non-Jews. The article portrayed the inexcusable abomination of interfaith weddings as if they were perfectly normal marriages.

At the same time, JTA also published an article about two allegedly-Jewish women “marrying” each other. The article portrayed the inexcusable abomination of same-gender marriages as if they were perfectly normal marriages.

Since I believe in Torah, I will [bli neder] strive to stop visiting the JTA website, and instead visit web site of JNS, the Jewish News Service (www.jns.org).

I sincerely hope that JNS is better than JTA. Today's date is: 2016 April 11
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Garnel Ironheart said...

In terms of ads, remember that JTA needs money. They're not in a position to turn away paying customers.

In terms of articles, they define Jewish as an ethnic, not religious community. A Conservative "rabbi" who advocates intermarriage is therefore just as Jewish as any Chareidi gadol.

Anonymous said...

Did you expect anything better from the likes of the JTA and other such news outlets, so-called Jewish organizations, etc.? They sold their souls (if they had any) a long time ago.

All truths are being exposed in this era before the coming of Moshiach and not only in the non-Jewish world, but the truth of all the erev rav with all their treachery against what makes us and keeps us alive as a nation (forever) and that is the basis for our being - our Holy Torah! Simple as that.

Batya Medad said...

Mr. Cohen, could you please add the link to the preferred news site, so we can tune in, thanks.

Mr. Cohen said...

Batya Medad, the link you asked for is: www.jns.org -- I will add it to my article.

Batya Medad said...


Mr. Cohen said...

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