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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Turning an Arab Terrorist into an "Innocent Victim"

By blocking the sound on the video from the Arab terror attack on innocent Jews in Hebron last month, B'tzelem managed to distort reality and turn the Arab terrorist into an "innocent victim," sic, when a soldier executed him as he (the terrorist) began moving. There was legitimate fear/suspicion that under the terrorist's coat, which was a sure sign, that some weapon or bomb was hidden and ready to use against the Jews around him.

And very tragically our hapless and gullible Minister of Defense fell for the con and has been leading the B'tzelem extreme Left anti-Israeli security campaign against the quick-thinking soldier.
Family of shot terrorist threatens Israel with legal action
The family of Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif, the terrorist who was shot by a soldier in Hevron last week after a stabbing attack against Israelis, on Monday threatened the IDF with legal procedures, the Ma’an news agency reported.
In a press conference at the Hevron governor’s office, al-Sharif’s uncle Fathi al-Sharif also urged the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its chairman, Mahmoud Abbas, to file legal procedures against Israel at the International Criminal Court, over the incident.
We are at war, and in a battle things happen, and Bogie Ya'alon seems to have forgotten it in his quest for "good press."
Soldier charged over shooting Hevron terrorist appears in court
POOL/Flash 90
IDF investigator's testimony backs soldier's versionInvestigation officer tells court there were concerns the terrorist in Hevron had a bomb belt before soldier shot him.


Marcel Cousineau said...

Amazing how the grasshoppers of Israel, Netanyahu, Ya'alon exude weakness and place Israel into a very dangerous corner.
The Palestinian Terrorist Authority do not need to go to the ICC, the High(low,godless) Court of Israel will side with them.

No one is taking Assad or IS leader al Baghdafi to the ICC, they gave Sudan's Omar al Bashir a pass for genocide in Darfur and Yasser Arafat a Nobel PEACE prize for his hard work of bloodshed against Jews.
But, Israel ,they plan to bury deep under the earth.


With stupid Israeli leaders who are incapable of fighting this struggle against evil and who always turn on their own people to please their evil US, EU, UN Masters the immediate future does not look good for Israel under the rule of the spineless, faithless and fearful grasshoppers.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Yes we are at war but we are still on the side of civilization. We are not Klingons. We do not shoot prisoners once they have genuinely surrendered or been forced to. The Torah is clear that if our moral level descends to that of our enemies we have no more right to Israel than they do.

Mr. Cohen said...

More about the continuing story of anti-Israel media bias:


Anonymous said...

The idea that such a fascistic organization (B'tzelem) is allowed to exist anywhere but in particular, in Israel, is mind boggling. That is, if everyone didn't know by now that it is only the truly evil groups which are being allowed - and any group which pushes for good and truth is demonized and threatened. Welcome to the new sicko bizzaro world!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Jews still believe and follow TANACH, I think ? or has that been replaced by fairy tales and watered down teachings that make you feel good all over ?

That Palestinian forfeited his life when he attacked to kill, period.
When Israel shows kindness to the cruel you become cruel to the kind and that is the sickness Israel suffers from today.

You are a good example of what is so wrong with Israel today and why it's future is dire.

(from steven collins blog)
This means that Saul’s failure to thoroughly wipe out the house of King Agag of Amalek almost resulted in the extermination of the Jews approximately six centuries later when a descendant of Agag convinced the Persian King to issue a proclamation against the lives of the Jews in the Persian Empire. While God’s intervention resulted in the tables being turned in such a way that the Jews were delivered and Haman and his ten sons were hanged on the gallows they had built to hang Mordechai (Esther 7:10, 9:13-14), this entire episode would not have occurred if King Saul had zealously carried out God’s instructions in the 11th century BC. This is a classic example of things going wrong many centuries into the future when God’s laws are not initially obeyed.

No doubt, readers of this blog are familiar with the biblical account of King Saul being told by God via the prophet Samuel to kill all the Amalekites and their livestock (I Samuel 15). Saul refused to do so, and he spared the Amalekite king and much of the livestock. The Amalekite king, named Agag, was finally killed by the prophet Samuel (I Samuel 15:32-33). However, since King Saul spared King Agag, it is entirely possible that Saul either spared not just Agag but other members of the Amalekite royal house or allowed them to escape in the lackadaisical manner in which he acted on God’s commandment. A later event in the Bible indicates that this is exactly what happened.
In the book of Esther, the houses of Saul and Agag interact again. Mordechai and Esther were relatives and they were both descended from the tribe of Benjamin. What is fascinating is that they were descended from Kish, the father of King Saul of Israel, who spared Agag (Compare Esther 2:4-6 and I Samuel 9:1). Haman, the advisor to the king of Persia who wanted to kill the Jews, is called an “Agagite

Batya Medad said...

The terrorist in his unseasonably heavy coat and starting to move appeared to be a danger.

Anonymous said...

So whom do we vote for if the Likud is in bed with the UN, EU, etc.?