Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Deja Vu, Arab Terrorists Blowing Up Buses and Innocent Jews

Yes, again.

Yesterday at work, one of the staff, who gets news alerts suddenly reported a bus explosion/bomb/terror attack. At first the police tried to explain it away as a simple "malfunction," but then they admitted that the terror attacks, the bombmakers for the suicide bombers of twenty years ago, were out of retirement.

Nati Shohat/FLash90
Police: Jerusalem public bus explosion caused by bomb
After initial confusion about the cause of the inferno, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said a forensics team, aided by bomb disposal experts at the site, confirmed the fires were ignited by an explosive device. (Jerusalem Post)
This type of terror attack is so frighteningly random and deadly. I just don't have the words and energy to say more about it right now. I pray for a refuah shleimah, complete and speedy recovery for all of the innocent injured victims, and may Gd properly punish the terrorist and his trainers and supporters with painful drawn out deaths.

Late last night, after the Arab terror attack/bus bombing, Reuters posted this headline:
U.S. feels 'overwhelming frustration' with Israeli government: Biden
Yes, it's a reminder that the United States Government is NOT A FRIEND OF ISRAEL!!!


Sammy Finkelman said...

They have bombs, or maybe a few bombs, but they don't have suicide belts. Maybe they could get them, but ISIS, or whoever is manufacturing them, probably does not want to sell them, because they are not ready to tangle with Israel.

Netanyahu has even scared off Russia from being involved in southern Syria, so Iran and Hezbollah are not doing anything for a while because I think he has told Putin that if anything happens, Israel's going to intervene in the Syrian Civil War against Assad, and topple him, which won't be difficult, and that Israel doesn't care if Russia is involved, but they are not going to let rockets be fired at Israel or terrorist attacks launched from either Syria or Lebanon.

If that happens, Putin has been told, there'll be a new ruler in Damascus pretty soon, and they'll let the new ruler worry about attacking Israel. Putin has been very careful to get his forces out of the way, and positioned in such a way that it would be very easy to tell Assad or Iran, no, he's not helping them against Israel if that happens.

And that bomb on the bus didn't work right - it went off too soon. It was not made by an expert.

Batya said...

It did more than enough damage