Friday, April 1, 2016

Israel's Most Serious Miscalculation/Missed Opportunity

There are mistakes that haunt us for life. Sometimes they can be easily corrected, and sometimes not, and sometimes it's best to make a major about face and go in that correct direction, no matter how difficult it seems.

Before the 1967 Six Days War, Israel was surrounded by a very difficult to defend ceasefire line. The post war borders were logical and defensible, with the high Golan Heights in the North, the Jordan River on the East, The Mediterranean Sea on the West and on the south there was a great buffer zone, the Sinai and the Suez Canal. 

More and more, over the years and decades I find myself more and more convinced that there was a very crucial mistake made by the Israeli Government as the dust settled after the 1967 Six Days War. Being that we were led by very secular Israelis, who were fueled by an ideology that glorified man and ignored the power of Gd, it's no surprise that they did not read the signs, comprehend what had happened during those six miraculous days. The Israeli victory over three relatively well-equipped and prepared armies, Egypt, Syria and Jordan, was of Biblical proportions. It was like the victory of David over Goliath or the masses of Jewish slaves and followers safely escaping from the powerful Egypt. There is no logical, scientific rationale for it. And military experts and historians have been trying to explain it ever since it happened.

Israel's political leaders of June, 1967, were like an amateur gambler at a slot machine who leaves thousands of dollars on the floor, because he/she had brought too small a bag.

The Labor Eshkol Government had only planned on maintaining a status quo when it came to borders. For, inexplicable to me at least, reasons hard to understand they had no plans on expanding the country, except maybe to rule over the Old City of Jerusalem and whatever was needed for access. They wanted the Kotel, the Western Wall of the outer limits of the Temple Mount, which had only gained popularity as a Jewish holy spot a few hundred years earlier. They even insisted on returning the symbolic key of the Temple Mount to the Muslims. For some fokokt reason, which still causes trouble today, they were sure that it would buy Israel peace and international approval.

They looked at Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley, the Golan and Sinai as bargaining chips to offer Jordan, Syria and Egypt for "peace," even though the Golan was quickly divided into Israeli agricultural communities and settled. The same was done in parts of the Jordan valley and Northern Sinai. There was that one thing all those communities had in common, and it was agriculture, especially for export. But on the whole, the leaders and shakers considered that "for sure" Egypt, Syria and Jordan would be willing and happy to get most or all of it back in exchange for "peace." Of course, it never happened, though, davka, Likud's Menachem Begin did make a deal with Egypt, though he had to destroy every single Jewish community in the Sinai and banish all Jews from living there.

Now, to be honest, I do think that a better peace could have developed if Israel had acted completely differently. With the Gd given power of that 1967 victory we could have, and for a while did have, a peaceful relationship with the Arabs if we had behaved as victors. The fear factor, causing respect could have been just the thing to keep the Arabs from attacking us.

In 1967, after the Six Days War the world was totally in awe of Israel. We could have done anything! There were still many, many people alive and powerful who had witnessed the cruelty of the Nazi Holocaust and were so completely overwhelmed by the Israeli victory that they would have supported anything. That is when we should have fully annexed every single millimeter of land liberated in Six Days War. That act of determination and confidence would have set us on the road to a religious and political salvation/redemption, the true Messianic time. But we, our government did everything wrong.

It's difficult, but never too late, to remedy it. And because we are the Jewish People, if we do what we must do, then Gd will help us.

Shabbat Shalom uMevorach
May You have a Peaceful And Blessed Shabbat


Marcel Cousineau said...

Is there 1 Israeli politician, just one, who is capable of saying this (your blog post today) out loud to Israel and the world and not walk it back ?

"For, inexplicable to me at least, reasons hard to understand they had no plans on expanding the country,"

And ever since then Israel has been treated with scorn, blame, abuse and derision by the world.
Israel's closest friend and ally (lol) continues to try hard to cut Israel up even further into their Auschwitz border plan as a gift to their Arab friend$.
And weak, naive Israel continues to play the part of the deer in the headlights.

What is truly evil from the nations is that Islam is openly calling for and fighting to conquer the world for their god of hate and intolerance and it's still Israel that is targeted and picked on with abandon.
Weakness and appeasement has been very bad for Israel, Mr PUPPY Netanyahu.

Israel better grow some sharp teeth, and fast, the grasshopper left has weakened and nearly destroyed Israel.

Batya said...

Yes, Marcel, awful and I don't consider Israel as having any true friends or even allies. We've even lost the admiration we had post Six Days War, because we acted like a bunch of sick wimps.

Anonymous said...

If the artificial reason why Jews come to Israel is the land, or homeland, or state, then Arabs could have the same even stronger claim.
What is gotten by war will be lost by war.
But Arabs and the world would be silenced if Jews come and say "nobody owns the land where God is on, not even Jews or Arabs". Nobody can steal Jerusalem from God alone, not even the world.

If Jews thought their pride can save them, the same pride (Antisemitism) shall let them down.
God shall permit even the weakest ones on His land to bite or trample or topple the arrogant ones with one or other way.

Anonymous said...

The only remedy of Antisemitism is the humbleness that nullifies any man's claim over God's land.
Let alone Jews or Arabs, even if there is an angel who tries to steal or claim Jerusalem from God, God shall fight him down.

doublenickel said...

I kind of think that even though Israel makes mistakes through stupidity or unbelief (but I repeat myself) they're still Israel, they're still back in the land after a 1900-year absence, and their God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is still on the throne, and His unconditional promises to them are still in force. And you can take that to the bank. The West or any other bank! :-)

Batya said...

a, a, and double...,
One thing you shouldn't forget or ignore is that even at its emptiest, there were always Jews here in a number of cities, and that includes Gaza and Hebron! So to say we weren't here is not accurate. We weren't governing; we weren't sovereign. Zionism's aim to establish a state after 2,000 years that the Land was occupied by many different nations was an important step for the Jewish People.

Anonymous said...

With or without the land Jews already have the Tanach to find. When Moshiach comes, not only Jews also the righteous Gentiles shall come to Jerusalem to give allegiance, so it is impossible for him to abandon Jews when he comes. Conflict in Israel is evidence there's no Moshiach currently, there's no miracle to prove he is there. The purpose of the existence of Israel state is just to facilitate a chance for Jews who want to do pilgrimage, to mourn and pray in the Kotel. Jerusalem is supposed to be a place where Jews can come and go to pray, not to reside in to pollute a tiny over-crowded city.
Sovereignty of Israel is responsibility of God. With prayer, God showed He is able to defeat everyone who want to rob His land from Him, because the land belongs to Him, not to humans, the land is more important to Him more than that to Jews or to Arabs or to even the world.

Anonymous said...

Distrust and hostility happen between Jews and Arabs because at one hand Jews demanded Arabs to leave or give up the land but on other hand Jews want it for themselves. If Jews really think they are the heirs of the Tanach, it is their duty to explain to Arabs that the land does not belong to any creation, not to Jews, not to Arabs, not even to angels, but to God alone. Jews have a Tanachic duty to explain to the world that Jerusalem is just a tiny 0.1% land on the earth that connects God to the world. The land is more important to God than that to creations.

Batya said...

A 19:27
Not so. There were always Jews here and Arabs akways attacked. When Zionism began Turks were the occupiers. Then Britain occupied the land and even though they had been mandated to facilitate a Jewish state they did everything to prevent it and support the Arabs. The land was very empty, very dew Arabs until theyvwere attracted by Jewish prosperity. THAT IS THE TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

It is so great if it is Jews who teach Arabs and the world the importance of God's land for God. It has a merit for Jews. Yes nobody else is supposed to teach that, since Jews are the direct heirs of the Tanach.
The land was once mostly empty, and Jews make it famous again. But it can't excuse Jews to be the thieves of God's land. Arabs don't get a proper lesson from the Tanach that Jerusalem belongs to God alone "For the land is Mine".

Anonymous said...

To Anon @ 19:27 - You seem to have a distorted sense of history. The Tanach belongs to the Jewish people; the first book of Genesis of the five books of Moses immediately talks about the creation and that G-D created the world and everything therein belongs to Him. Rashi, one of our greatest commentators brings out that when the Caananites (who by the way were a slave people and therefore were only occupiers of the Land because their status did not allow for ownership). Rashi points out that G-D took that Land and gave it distinctly to the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that they alone and their descendants would be the eternal owners of that Land, the Land of Israel. The world knows this very well but cannot tolerate the fact that this Land being the only place on earth that was given by the Almighty to a people, belongs to the Jewish people. G-D is the Owner of everything and HE promised the Land of Israel to the children of Israel for eternity. There is no sharing and eventually it will be exactly as the Creator has Willed it to be, no matter how much the world is against this TRUTH. Nothing, no one, nothing can win against our Creator, the G-D of Israel, and no matter how one spins it, the outcome will be His Will, just as our holy Torah states. The Arabs know this very well and before the nations made this a political farce, they themselves admitted it being Jewish land and even their koran says it belongs to the Jews. This has been political football in order to rid the land and the world of Jews. The evil plans of the enemies of the Jewish people will fail!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4/4/16 05:47,
Nothings is different between God's promise to Abraham and to Jews after him. Abraham doesn't use military force to take it.

Let discuss what you know what Rabbis and the Tanach narrate.
After the event on the mount Moriah Abraham builds the altar over there, and leaving, just leaving. He and Isaac return to Beersheba or Hebron. The mount was left inhabited until it fell to be a property of Araunah the Jebusite.
At that time Abraham and Isaac already get promise and God has entrusted the land to them. But they just built altar and left.
Centuries later, David purchased the ground of altar from Araunah, and two gentlemen don't claim the land shall be theirs or their heirs, for the land is dedicate for God, it belongs to God.
Only from the Tanach we could know that God owns the land. It is His only connection to the world. Every nation that tries to steal it from Him get butted out, including Jews.

By promising to entrust the land to Abraham and Jews it doesn't mean God forfeited, disavowed or lost His ownership of the holy land where He is on.

Anonymous said...

Nothing can add more Jewish character in Jerusalem other than the existence of Moshiach himself. Jews can't convince the world with the claim of Jewish character of Jerusalem as long as they don't have Moshiach as personal embodiment of the promise. It is like the forgotten in the land time until David purchased the ground from Araunah. Jerusalem doesn't have Jewish character until Moschiach comes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:18: You are obviously a non-Jew who 'reads' the Bible. We Jews whom the Torah was given to by G-D Almighty 'learn and study' the Torah. We received both the Written and Oral Laws at Mt. Sinai through Moses, the servant of H'. You think you understand what you are reading and interpret the way you think and want. We Jews actually interpret every vowel and letter of each and every word and there is no end to learning it; both the revealed and hidden of the holiness of our holy Torah. The reason that our ancestors, Abraham and David, always purchased the parcels of land from those who were then living on the Land (who usually offered it to them for free) is because they knew that the nations would always be fighting the Jewish people to rob and take which is ours, so only by the actual purchase of these properties, we have evidence and proof of purchase & ownership. This Land (Israel) is Jewish Land and will be so forever into eternity! There is no dispute! Maybe you should start learning real history from scholars.

By the way, Jews don't have to convince anyone except G-D Who knows all. Unfortunately, majority of Jews at this time are the most uninformed and alienated from their past than ever before; but then there is the precious Jewish minority who in one finger have more Torah knowledge than the whole world of peoples have in their heads together. We, the Jews, are the only ones who can speak of and understand Torah!

Anonymous said...

Is that what you know of Jerusalem?
As far as Tanach concerned, only two sites of land were taken by trading. The rest was taken by war and battle. Jerusalem (Salem) is a city, not the small ground of altar purchased by David from Araunah.
Can't you think why Abraham and David need to buy it? That is because it doesn't belong to Jews in the first place.

Nobody owns Jerusalem. Jerusalem does not belong to Jews or Non-Jews. Significance of Jerusalem for Jews is nothing if compared to that for God.

Moreover nobody is created by Jerusalem. Therefore why would we (creations of God) kill each other for it? It is just a property, not soul.
I am sure God appreciates Jews of their Tanach learning. I am sure when he comes it is impossible for Moshiach to forget Jews in diaspora. After all he would accept allegiance of all Non-Jews from all corners.
But the zeal of the land covered Jewish heart from God. You are not the son of Jerusalem. What a chutzpah for a Jew to harm the human persons created by the glorious hands of God just for a 1% lot of the land. God is the Creator of all men including Jews. No man should die for the land belonged to God.

Majority of Jews at this time do not want to kill the others for 1% land of the earth. Your fellow precious Jewish minority gets the eyes and heart covered by obsession to take over Jerusalem form God. Jews want to make God forfeit His ownership of the land. Although having one finger more Torah knowledge than the whole world of peoples have in their heads together, Jews can't change the verse "For the land is Mine."

Anonymous said...

1. Jerusalem is not originally a lot of the land of any 12 Tribes of Jews. That's why the holy city happens to stand between Judah's lot and Benjamin's lot.

2. From the time of Joshua, the Judges, Samuel, Saul and David none of Jews tried to steal Jerusalem?

3. According to the legend there's a sacred seal of Non-aggression treaty between Abraham and Jebus' elders about several centuries ago that prevented Jews to claim the city as their property.

4. The city of Jerusalem is not mentioned by exact name at all in the Five Books of the Torah, except with the previous name Salem.

5. It is ironic it is Jews who destroyed the seal of Non-aggression treaty of Abraham in Jebus land.

6. Despite his conquest, David can't control Jerusalem. It remains the place for the weak Jebusites: the blind, the lame, and the poor Jebusites, that means Jebusites are let to reside in Jerusalem as long as they get demilitarized, and their idols don't appear anymore.

7. Hebron and Millo (Shechem).
Capital city wherein palace or house of David was is at Millo, a fortress at Shechem. But David took Jerusalem with the war in his pursuit to unite the people, Jews and the remaining Canaanites.
2Sam 5
9 So David dwelt in the fort, and called it the city of David. And David built round about from Millo and inward.
Further, of the forty years of David's reign, seven and a half years he ruled in Hebron, and he moved to Millo of Shechem.

The "house of Millo" is at Shechem, Jud 9:6.
Judges 9:6
All the men of Shechem assembled themselves together, and all the house of Millo, and went and made Abimelech king, by the oak of the pillar that was in Shechem.
2 Chronicles 32:5
He took courage, and built up all the wall that was broken down, and raised it up to the towers, and the other wall outside, and strengthened Millo in the city of David, and made weapons and shields in abundance.

8. Jerusalem was left untouched by David into the city of holiness, because the weak and the poor of Jebus who pray therein prevented him to control the city.
Jebusites are let to reside in Jerusalem as long as they get demilitarized, and their idols don't appear anymore.
2Sam 5:8
And David said on that day, Whosoever getteth up to the gutter, and smiteth the Jebusites, and the lame and the blind, that are hated of David's soul. Wherefore they said, The blind and the lame shall not come into the house.

Anonymous said...

Batya, have no idea why you are allowing this 'Anonymous' who is obviously either an apikorus (or just an am haaretz), a non-Jew, or is from some kind of cult, to write so many distorted and plain LIES, whatever, on your blog. Shows you how ingrained the sinah and kinah is for the Jewish people by our enemies (which includes 3/4 of the world, for sure).

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6/4/16 00:08,
Distorted and plain lies? Please tell me which it is.
Who cares about 3/4 of the world if we can get opinion of one or few Jews having one finger more the Torah knowledge than the whole world of peoples have in their heads together.
What is your opinion of the evidence David needs to buy the ground of altar from Araunah if Jews owned the land thru war? What is your opinion that there's a seal of Non-Aggression treaty between Abraham and Jebusites that prevented Jews from taking over Jerusalem?

Batya said...

Emmes, true, I've lost track of all the various Anonymouses. And I don't have time to fight it out right now.