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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Negative Voting: They are All Crooks, Liars or Both! Part 1

I've reached a rather jaded stage in my following of politics, an occupation or hobby I've had for over half a century. There isn't a political party I support either here in Israel or in my native United States of America. If you read my political articles here (this blog,) you know that I don't vote in American Elections, although I'm not shy about blogging/writing my opinions. And I've reached the conclusion that if I was to vote in the 2016 Presidential Elections, I'd cast a "negative vote." That means that I'd vote for anybody but a Democrat. I'd vote Republican, not because I think a specific candidate is so great, but because as weak or rotten as the Republicans may be, the Democrats are a gazillion times worse.


Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by REUTERS/Brian Snyder and iStock.
The two only Democratic frontrunners promote foreign policy, not only in terms of US-Israel Relations, but in general which I consider as bad for the world. Not only wouldn't either be any better than the present POTUS himself, but don't forget that Hillary was Obama's first Secretary of State and is responsible for some of his bad moves, when he was still on a learning curve. And Bernie has been on the extreme Left of the American political spectrum since POTUS was in diapers.

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images
And although I've written some blog posts which could be perceived as pro-Trump, I really don't think he'd be all that different from Cruz would be if elected. My feeling is that in order to win, the Republican machine must rally around someone with a good chance, because otherwise the Democrats will just use the anti-Trump or whomever statements in their campaign later on. It will just backfire. A lot of time and money were invested in Bush III and some other losers who hadn't a chance in hell to win. The "machine" should have just done their campaigning as a national anti-Democrat campaign and let the wannabes fight it out without interference.

Many of my friends are hoping for a Cruz nomination. He has been making inroads in the primaries, and it would be easier for the Republicans to market him.

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned much about ideology and platforms. It's more image and marketing and branding that really counts in politics and elections. So few politicians who make it to office end of keeping their promises. In Israel they claim that "it looks different from here." And I think a lot can also be blamed or credited to the "Yes, Minister" syndrome which humorously portrayed how little power the office holder/minister has versus his bureaucratic/permanent/civil service staff.

When I, bli neder (no vow,) write a Part 2, I'll tell you about the much more complicated Israeli political system.


Mr. Cohen said...

My plan for the November 2016 USA presidential election is to vote for Ted Cruz as a write-in candidate, if his name does not appear on the ballot.

Lynn said...

Well said. I agree with your comments about the future elections and the choices Americans must make. I too, would prefer any REPUBLICAN, rather than anti-Israel Hillary or self-hating anti-Semitic Sanders. So, the choice is simple and clear. Any Republican will do.

Batya Medad said...

Mr Cohen a write in is a vote for the Democrats.
Lynn thanks

Marcel Cousineau said...

When the gullible and easily deceived all fell for George W. Bush who gave THREATENED Ariel Sharon to make Gush Katif Judenrein and gave Israel Hamastan Gaza on his Skull 'n' Bones march to a two-state final solution for Israel.
I tried to warn the stubborn and blind people about Bush the phony Republican but they would not let go of their delusion and fantasy on the latest backstabbing 'friend' of Israel.

I wonder how many are still in denial with these wolves in sheeps costume politician's who are made into idols that will be good for Israel ,while the people give empty lip service to God ?

I notice how many times a Gov. Mike Hucksterabee can get on a plane and fly to Israel when it's the vote he is pimping for, but he's not to be found supporting Israel after his ego driven attempt to seduce dumb voters to get elected.

It seems the chasers of the latest false messiah for Israel never learn ?

Lynn said...

What troubles me about Marcel Cousineau's comments about American choices for the presidency, and his lack of trust of American leaders who claim solidarity with leaders, leaves one to wonder. How can I assume or judge the sincerity of American leaders? I have their word, and sometimes, even their positive deeds. Other than that, I really can't get into their hearts or their heads. On the other hand, Hillary and Bernie, leave little or no doubt about their anti-Israel aka anti-Semitic (even though is a Jew-of sorts) views. They made their positions and views clear. So, there isn't any Candidate on the Democrat ticket that warms a Jewish heart. The choice is now limited to the Republican Party. Hopefully, American Jews will choose wisely.

Anonymous said...

I would caption that picture of Hillary and Boiny facing each other like this:

Boiny: "How much do you want to bet that I'll be worse for Israel than you?"

Batya Medad said...

Thanks and amen

Marcel Cousineau said...

and his lack of trust of American leaders who claim solidarity with leaders, leaves one to wonder'

Correct,I have Absolutely no trust in man, none. See verse 5 below directly from the mouth of the LORD. Now Him I trust completely and this is why I'm not wasting my time with the latest election circus, a waste of time better spent giving praise and thanks to the One who is truly in complete control.

I used to wonder also.
The older you get the less you wonder.
That is why they have to send the young boys to fight their useless wars.
When I went up to Washington DC to see the Vietnam war memorial, the list of names of the young who died for nothing set me straight about verse 9 of Yeremiah 17.

Israel's wars, thats a different story.

Interesting how this God sent prophet spoke the truth to Israel and 98% of Israel just hated what he had to say and hated him enough to want him dead.
No doubt the modern day Rabbi's don't open the Book of Yeremiah often.

5.Thus says the Lord,
“Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind
And makes flesh his strength,
And whose heart turns away from the Lord.

9“The heart is more deceitful than all else
And is desperately sick;
Who can understand it?

“I, the Lord, search the heart,
I test the mind,
Even to give to each man according to his ways,
According to the results of his deeds.

Jeremiah 17

Batya Medad said...

I know that non-Jews read and comment here. As long as they don't propagate their beliefs pretending that there is a Jewish source and legitimacy for it, fine.
No idol worship, no matter how you package it, is acceptable here on my blog.
Keep to the 7 Noahide Laws at least, or just talk politics and not theology.

Lynn said...

Well said. As a rule I erase the 'proselytizing ' comments on my Facebook page. Of course, we both respect other faiths, but keep your faith to yourself and don't try to 'proselytize' on my personal internet pages.

Batya Medad said...

There have been some I've erased, but I do know that there are many christians who like my material and even use it for learning, so as long as they don't cross certain lines, I allow it.

Anonymous said...

'Crooks & Liars' - OF COURSE, they are!

Batya Medad said...