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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders, More Radical Leftist than Jew

You can call Bernie Sanders a "mehadrin radical Leftist" and a shanda, too. And even though many Jews in the USA and Israel may find this hard to accept, he would not be good for Israel if elected President of the United States of America. And I don't know how good he'd be for the USA...

Radical anything isn't all that great. A good government cares for all. And even in the American "winner takes all" system, in which the Executive branch aka the president does not need to work with a formal coalition (the Israeli system,) most winners, regardless of their political philosophy,  find themselves moving towards the "center." For Sanders, that would probably leave him still well to the Left of Obama.  That's because Sanders is a strong dedicated ideologue, of a generation that takes its politics very seriously, like religion.

While the Carter, Bush, Obama and and other political families loved to show what dedicated churchgoers they are, we shouldn't expect that from Bernie Sanders. From what has been revealed about his religious allegiance, he lives neither as a Jew nor a Christian. As I said, his Radical Leftist ideology is his "religion." Sanders is so far removed from the Jewish American community and organizations, he hadn't a clue that his appointee as Jewish Outreach Coordinator, Simone Zimmerman would alienate him even further from mainstream Jewish America. Zimmerman’s anti-Occupation, pro-BDS stance got him less support form American Jews rather than more.

No doubt you know that I also don't want to see Hillary Clinton as United States President, and we all know that the Democrats have a pretty empty bottle of tricks this year. The only two wannabes are of retirement age.

That brings us to the other party, the Republicans. Now I know that most American Jews prefer breaking the Jewish Mitzvah of kashrut, only eating the permitted foods, but they are strict when it comes to "voting Democrat." I suggest they throw out their lobster and bacon and then try voting Republican, no matter who gets the nomination.

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