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Friday, June 6, 2014

With The Americans as Allies, You Don't Need Enemies!

I'd say that this latest Dry Bones should edit the quotation used. OK, Bones, you may have to credit me, but unfortunately Israel and other countries and their leaders knows too well how unreliable and perverted American friendship can be.

Dry Bones
I suggest reading Sarah Honig's column about "Temper Tantrums" which tells true things about what American government leaders, Kerry, Indyk etc. really think of Israel.
This should sound abundantly familiar to anyone who heard of the “nasty” anti-Israel “tirade” by Martin Indyk, US Secretary of State Kerry’s chief envoy to the misnamed Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. According to the Washington Free Beacon, Indyk lost his cool for a full half-hour at the bar of a Ritz Carlton Hotel shortly after delivering an address to the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
Although predictably denied by the State Department, Indyk’s reported tantrum was quite in sync with his boss’s reactions. Kerry’s self-centered, grandiose plans to super-swiftly impose peace on Israel and its genocidal enemies didn’t quite garner him the glory he envisaged.
Just because of that oft repeated mantra which claims that:
"America is Israel's greatest ally." 
Most Israelis and Jews ignore the repeated slights, insults and anti-Israel policies that consistently come from the United States of America.

I strongly suggest that Israel's leaders, politicians, media and academics take off their distorting red, white and blue glasses and see what American policy really is. Obama's quick support of the new Hamas-Fatah alliance, before the ink was even dry, should wake them up, unless they are in a drugged stupor. Too much mantra-reciting can brainwash a person.

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