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Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Praying Havel Havelim

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Normally I name the weekly Havel Havelim on the Parshat Shavua, the weekly Torah Portion, but this week I feel that must must make it a prayer for the safe return, rescue of the three Jewish youngsters who have been kidnapped by Arab terrorists:
Gilad Michael Ben Bat GalimYaccov Naftali Ben Rachel DevoraEyal ben Iris Teshura

The three missing students Courtesy of the families

May they be speedily returned, safe and sound to to their families.

And now back to Havel Havelim which is the long-running international Jewish blog carnival. It was started by Soccer Day who no longer blogs. Today it's coordinated on our facebook page. We also use blog carnival, but it seems to be down, and I don't know if it'll be back.

Havel Havelim generally floats from blog to blog. I pick up a lot of the slack. You can send in your links to the host; information can be found on our facebook page. And if you'd like to host one either fill in the file, again on our facebook page, or contact me at shilohmuse at gmail dot com. This week was supposed to be hosted by Tzivia, but "life" or should I say death got in the way. She is sitting shiva for her brother Eli; read the eulogy she wrote.

Following, in no particular order and without identifying the blogs, various posts submitted by others or chosen by me. To make it clear, the posts included may include opinions I don't agree with. Enjoy!

Q&A: Sh’lah and Modern-Day Spies
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Again I'd like to invite you to join our community. You don't have to be a blogger to read and share Havel Havelim. So please read, comment and share the various links here and of course the entire blog carnival.


Anonymous said...

B"H - Thanks for the last minute inclusion!

Rickismom said...

Thanks, and let's hope that somehow these boys come back alive.

Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks for hosting, Batay, and for including my links.

The Praying Edition of Haveil Havalim, the Jewish-Israeli Blog Carnival Is Up