Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Arab Terrorism Epidemic

Arab terrorism isn't isolated here in Israel. And it's not only in the so-called "west bank" or Syria, Lebanon etc where Arab terrorists are raised. There are more and more coming from London, other European cities and even the United States.

Read Sarah Honig's reminder here:
Britain is gobsmacked. Its TV screens feature seemingly stricken Muslim parents, from urban hubs like Cardiff, denying any responsibility for or knowledge of their sons’ escapades in bleeding Syria.
Their moaning is indispensable to a novel storyline that’s fast gaining resonance in Europe’s insincere political-correctness and Orwellian Newspeak. It’s subtle but nevertheless significant. It’s about “Europeans who have been to Syria,” have emerged therefrom somehow tainted with extremism and might thereby become, a tad unexpectedly, dangerous.
Yes, a newfangled brand of terrorist seems to have suddenly surfaced in Europe’s pleasant lands but polished European manners prohibit us from characterizing him as Arab or Muslim.
The United States made a great mistake after 9-11 by not seeing the connection between Taliban and Hamas. The world would be a lot safer if all the so-called peaceful, peace-loving countries would treat the Arab terrorists Hamas who terrorize Israel the way they treat Taliban.

Many Muslims live in Europe and the Americas. Some may actually be there to escape the culture of terror and violence in the Middle-East, while others are more like "sleepers." But none, even the most peace-loving have the power to control their children. And those children who hold American and European passports are targeted by terrorist organizations to become terrorists. They can travel freely throughout the world.
A Nixon Center study of 373 mujahideen in western Europe and North America between 1993 and 2004 found more than twice as many Frenchmen as Saudis and more Britons than Sudanese, Yemenites, Emiratis, Lebanese, or Libyans. Fully a quarter of the jihadists it listed were western European nationals -- eligible to travel visa-free to the United States.
The emergence of homegrown mujahideen in Europe threatens the United States as well as Europe. 
This is a big danger for world peace, a real danger!!

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