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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Not a Very Peaceful Shabbat

Here in Shiloh I enjoyed a wonderfully peaceful Shabbat, but apparently it wasn't that way in other parts of Israel. This morning the Jewish Press headlines I received by email told a very different story. Arab terrorists, emboldened by the pope and Leftists in Israel and abroad seem to be getting more active and violent. 

Tatzpit Agency
I decided to check other news sites before blogging about this. The Jeruslaem Post had absolutely nothing about Arab terrorist attacks on Jews on it's internet "front page." But Arutz 7 had a more detailed article about the shooting of a Jewish car near the Adam Junction, just north of Jerusalem and south of Sha'ar Binyamin. Nobody was injured in that attack, although the car was hit. It included more details about the close call on Friday.
On Friday morning, IDF forces apprehended an Arab terrorist wearing a bomb belt at Tapuach Junction in Samaria, near the city of Ariel.
The terrorist raised suspicions by wearing a large coat in the hot summer weather. After security forces called on him to take off his coat and be checked, the man refused and proceeded to lay on the floor, reports Channel 10.
When he finally removed his coat, he was found to be wearing a belt of explosives. A bomb disposal squad was called to the area to dismantle the explosives.
The Arab terrorists are using guns again. There was shooting into Ramat Shlomo on Shabbat.
A terrorist shot 13 bullets in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo at 1:45 AM Shabbat morning, according to a report in Hadarei Hadarim.A group of ultra-orthodox youths were sitting in a garden on Goldknof street in Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo neighborhood, when they heard 2 shots rang out. When the third shot hit a metal bar in the children’s park near them, they realized someone one shooting at them. As they ran, more shots rang out towards them.
Miraculously nobody was injured or killed.

In the Golan Heights, Shabbat peace was disturbed by fighting in Syria, which happened close enough for the Israeli alarms to go off.
Residents on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights were woken up by alert sirens at 5:55 AM on Saturday morning,. The sirens went off in response to fighting in Syria along the border with Israel.
At first the IDF thought a rocket had fallen on the Israeli side of the border, but apparently the sirens went off from the explosions just across the border.
There is lots more violence and danger in Syria than here in Israel, but international "peace lovers," like the pope and U. S. President Obama concentrate on pressuring Israel to make dangerous unilateral concessions to the Arab terrorists claiming that the so-called "settlements" are the greatest danger to world peace.

The Jewish Press also had a short article that told of two different synagogues being set on fire on Shabbat. I decided to do an internet search to find out more information, especially since the location of one was described as near  Baka Al-Garbiya, which made no sense to me. The most detailed article I could find was on JerusalemONLINE, so I signed up to get their newsletters.
Police Spokespersons Unit,
Central Division/Sharon Division
Police suspect arson in two synagogue burnings on the same day: A Chabad caravan in Kibbutz Magal was set aflame today (Saturday), while Torah scrolls were inside. Hours later, reports surfaced that two more synagogues were set on fire in Petah Tikvah. Police are investigating the incidents.
The Shavuot Holiday will be celebrated in Israel on Tuesday night and Wednesday. G-d willing, it will be a nice, peaceful and boring holiday in terms of terror and security in Israel and abroad.


tzivia in aliyahland said...

Important roundup on the matzav, and it's essential to focus not only on the fun stuff but to stay alert. Thank you.

Batya said...

Sometimes blogging isn't about good news. Thanks