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Friday, June 13, 2014

Arab Terrorists Kidnap Jewish Youth, and The Media Blame the Victims

Arutz 7
There's a massive manhunt going on in the Hebron area where it's believed that Arab terrorists took three Jewish kids last night. One of the kidnapped managed to get a message out on his phone to the security forces when he realized that they were in terrorist hands.

I've been listening to the news on the television, and I keep hearing how foolish the boys and other young people are to tremp aka hitchhike. I don't hear how foolish it is for the Israeli Government to try to make "a deal" with the Arabs who have more in common with those terrorists than they do to anyone who really wants peace.

It's not like we can trust Abbas's police to rescue the Jewish kids. Now can we? So if we can't expect such vital help from him, how can he promise Israel security?

There's very little time before Shabbat, so I'll just end this with an admission. The media is very wrong when it gives the impression that only youngsters, foolish, immature youngsters tremp. I'm a grandmother of pension age, and I tremp, too. And I certainly doubt that I'm the oldest to do so. I must admit that I admonish those I see standing in the road, rather than on the side, which is usually paved. Yes, I do sound like some crazy old lady with an American accent telling people not to stand where the cars have to stop, because some people davka won't stop if they're in the street and the Arabs may G-d forbid consider them an easy target. I also remind everyone not to hail vehicles, because many of those with Israeli licences are Arabs.

Some people may be careless, but the guilt is on the Arab terrorist. They have no right to kidnap and murder. It's immoral and I want to hear condemnation of the Arab terrorists and not the victims!

May the kidnapped boys be found safe and sound and the Arab terrorists be immediately executed.

Shabbat Shalom


Shiloh said...

You are right, they have no right to kidnap, murder etc. If they stopped acting worse then amimals, there would be peace. But everyone know's the matsav here and should be absoulutly certain if they must hitchhike that they have a very good idea of whom they get in the car with. I won't pick up anyone, just as I would never hitch hike. Not in Israel nor in the galut.

Batya said...

I tremp frequently and I also take the bus. I don't enter cars blindly either. That's life. If I had a car I'd let people in.

Anonymous said...

In these crazy times, do not believe anyone should tremp only and only when they know the people in the car.

Secondly, it comes down to what should have been done immediately when H' gave us our land back and commanded as the Torah states, the ouster of its inhabitants, otherwise, they will be thorns in your sides and thistles in your eyes. We are being reminded on a constant basis what a sin was then committed by not doing so, and it's been haunting us ever since with murder and mayhem. The time has come to do His Will.

Now, we need to all pray for these three beautiful boys and find a special mitzvah to do. We pray we merit His Mercy to please bring these boys home healthy and whole to their families.

Batya said...

a, easy to give us such instructions, but you're not in my situation. Statistically, tremping is fine, no more dangerous than lots of other modes of traveling. Not everyone has the money for cars nor 50 hours a day to waste waiting for buses.