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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Erdan, Don't be Naive

The following headline in Arutz 7 got me going this morning:
Erdan Slams U.S. 'Naiveté' Over PA Government
Unfortunately, the naiveté' comes from Israeli leaders like Gilad Erdan.

Although many American people sincerely love the State of Israel for various reasons, the American State Department and most of its presidents haven't. They really don't give a royal hoot what happens to Israel, and the present President, Barack Hussein Obama is  definitely a fan of the Arabs and wants to be considered a midwife of the Palestinians sic helping them get recognition as a state.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (L) meeting his America counterpart, Barak Obama (R), at the White House / Photo: CC
That's the photo caption on the site from where I got the picture

That's the truth and it's dangerous for the State of Israel to believe and fantasize anything else.

Sorry Charley...

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