Monday, June 9, 2014

Was the Egged Bus Company also a Victim of Disengagement?

Many of the thousands of families who were displaced because of Disengagement are still trying to settle into new jobs and businesses. The financial and emotional damage of that inexplicable government policy hasn't ended. I just noticed an interesting article in Arutz 7 saying that the Egged bus company also claims financial compensation and wants a lot of money.
Among those companies is Egged, Israel's largest bus company – which is suing the government for NIS 55 million in losses it sustained because of the disengagement. Along with the homes and farms of Jews living in Gush Katif, the IDF forced businesses in the Erez Industrial Zone to abandon factories and warehouses – and in the case of Egged, a large bus depot, gas station, and infrastructure.
Egged used the facility to serve not only Gush Katif, but the entire western Negev, and as a result of the disengagement, it was forced to rebuild the facility elsewhere. In addition, the company said, it lost out on millions of shekels that were due it because of the abrogation of long-term contracts to provide bus transportation to Gush Katif.
I think that whatever they get should be proportionate with whatever the Gush Katif business people got as compensation or even less. What do you think?

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