Sunday, February 2, 2014

Words, Bibi, Just Useless Words

This just came in the mail from the Government Press Office, and it has as much bite as a marshmallow:
PM Netanyahu Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, today (Sunday, 2 February 2014), made the following remarks at the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting:

"Attempts to impose a boycott on the State of Israel are immoral and unjust. Moreover, they will not achieve their goal. First, they cause the Palestinians to adhere to their intransigent positions and thus push peace further away. Second, no pressure will cause me to concede the vital interests of the State of Israel, especially the security of Israel's citizens. For both of these reasons, threats to boycott the State of Israel will not achieve their goal."

Only action counts and helps, not words. These are empty words, because the only thing that would help, have real meaning would be a cessation of the faux "peace sic talks."  If the Arabs follow a verbal template to suit Bibi's requirements, it would be a sham.  Correcting their words isn't correcting their minds, aims nor heart.

Why are we continuing to legitimize the so-called "Palestinians" sic who never existed as a country, people, culture until they were invented in the previous century to block the establishment of a Jewish State?

They are following a script written to wipe us out. Their entire line is a lie.  It's absurd to negotiate with them when they constantly lie about their history, claiming they existed before the Jewish People.
The Palestinians cannot accept Israel as the Jewish state because they lived in the region long before the Jews, chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said over the weekend.

We Jews are the only legitimate people, culture, religion with a history of sovereignty in this tiny corner of the world.

And the fact that there has been a growing international boycott against Israel is proof that the world is against us, and we can't expect a fair hearing.  We must accept it as fact and stop groveling.  Nothing we do besides facilitating and cooperating with our destruction will make the world happy.  We should only care about what G-d demands and follow Him.  We must learn our history and absorb the lessons. 

Shavua Tov
Have a wonderful week.


Leah said...

Sometimes I think I should not say (or write) what I think on Israel or the PM and the like because I do not live in Israel, yet I still have my thoughts on these issues.
I think that really the PM should- oh, here I go...tell them what they can go do with which ever threats and sanctions and name what ever else...
It seems so simple for me to say that the PM should follow more of Hashem's Torah and laws and should tell his country men and women that Hashem is bringing the Great Day of Hashem very soon and we should gather a very very very large number of yidden and cry out to Hashem that we are sorry for any wrong doing and that we will be better and please bring Moshiach now. We should then practice emuna in Hashem and band together as one in prayer and not worry about JohnHaman Kerry and the other evil that lurks out there.. enough, already.
So, there it is- my two cents worth.... just my thoughts, Batya....
i am just tired of what is going on and the BDS and the sanctions and the garbage that I read form anti-semites and ...and....and....

Batya said...

Leah, I live in Israel, and if you agree with me...

Eitan said...

Batya, I respectfully disagree. I think that Bibi has been a very good PM overall and that there's no one in the current Knesset who could realistically do a better job than he has with what he's been given (constant pressure by the US and EU as well as boycott threats).

Having said this, I don't agree with Bibi on all his policies, i.e. he continues evacuating "illegal" outposts and I don't think any Jewish property in the Land of Israel should ever be destroyed no matter what.

Batya said...

Eitan, we'll just have to agree to disagree.