Monday, February 24, 2014

"Occupied Palestine," sic, An Oxymoron

How can one occupy something that never, ever existed?

Politicians, diplomats, academics, journalists etc keep bandying about the phrase "occupied Palestine" sic as if there had once been a country called "Palestine."  "Palestine" never existed.  There is a history for the use of the name, but the truth is that there never, ever was such a country, people, tribe or anything that you can intellectually bite your teeth into and give an actual history or timeline.

It would be humorous if there weren't so many who worship this faux state.  Adding to the fantasy is the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which the British instigated/invented to block the establishment of a Jewish State in the territory the League of Nations had mandated to Great Britain for Jewish settlement and statehood.

Are we supposed to laugh or scream when Jordan's king declares:
“Jordan is Jordan and Palestine is Palestine and nothing but that, not the in the past or the future."
I just don't know what to make of the silence and acquiescence to the historic absurdity and chutzpah of the statement.  I guess I should be used to it by now.  In recent decades the fantasy Arab country called Palestine has taken on life, like a psychopathic Pinocchio.

Instead of being a cute loveable, though misguided character like Pinocchio, the so-called Palestinians have embraced terrorism.  And since they target Jews and Israel, the world doesn't care.

Back to the assignment/mandate Great Britain was given in 1920 and ratified in 1922, there was only mention of a Jewish homeland and not any other nation.
Whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2nd, 1917, by the Government of His Britannic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people
The reason is very simple.
Here we are almost a hundred years later and a newfangled anti-Jewish narrative has been invented and accepted by the world.  Not only are the terrorist Arabs aka "Palestinians" accepted by the "world of nations," but they are encouraged. Silence or meaningless, toothless tsktsking is the reaction to their murdering Jews.  It so reminds me of how the world reacted to the Nazi's treatment and systematic killing of German, then European Jewry soon after the British had been assigned to facilitate a Jewish homeland in the Middle East.  Strangely, or not so strangely the British invented Jordan for the Arabs before doing anything for the Jews.  The land given to the foreign Hashemites was at the expense of what had been mandated for a Jewish State.  Yes, this all took place at the same time, the rise of the Nazis and that should not be ignored.

At no point during this time in the twentieth century was there mention of a Palestinian history or people, because it had not yet been invented. So the obvious truth is that such a "people" is total fiction and therefore we can't be occupying a country/people that had never existed.  It's all a lie to delegitimize and destroy us, G-d forbid!


NormanF said...

Unfortunately, a lot of Jews have bought into the notion Israel owes Jew-hating Arabs.... the means to destroy it.

We have all the proof in the world that they don't want a state and that their real aim is to destroy Israel! Israel's leaders seem afraid of doing what is right.

That is the same idiotic feebleness of mind that keeps them from dealing with Iran and in saying to the US - "no, this is our one and only homeland and we will never give it away for any price on earth, period."

Just like in the Nazi time, Jews beg their enemies for the crumbs on the table. They think if they concede on their principles, their honor and their humanity - it will lead a cruel enemy to spare their lives!!

As I write this, I think the lessons of the Holocaust have been wasted on the Jewish nation. And its not only Israel's leaders who are at fault - sorry, Shy Guy and Batya - every Jew in Israel is complicit by not resisting the very process now going on before our very eyes that G-d forbid, is leading to the destruction of the Jewish State.

And should this happen, it won't be Kerry or the Arabs' fault - it will be because Jews were too paralyzed with fear, apathy and indifference to save their own homeland! There is no such thing as "Palestine" and will never be.

Jews need to wake up to the fact that their passivity to America and their sitting down in pretend peace talks with an enemy bent upon their destruction will lead to no good! Its time to face the truth and to do what is right. Every Jew in Israel bears this responsibility for himself and the well-being of future generations.

Its a heartfelt plea for "Never Again" to really be more just a way of rationalizing inaction in the face of looming danger in the path of the Jewish nation. Its high time to acknowledge that the world won't save Israel. Only the Jews can save themselves - with the help of G-d - and the hour is late.

Batya said...

Norman at least I'm in Israel and not silent and didn't vote Likud.

NormanF said...


I wish more Jews in Israel were like you! You understand what is going on.

And its dangerous for Israeli Jews to think Arab intransigence will save them forever.

Israel is being asked to part with real estate in exchange for Arab promises that can be repudiated in the future. Land for peace is an oxymoron.

A Palestinian Arab state once established is a bell that cannot be unrung. It brings dangers with no real benefits. And no one thinks real peace is on table. I would still oppose it even if it were.

All that's really needed is the courage to say "no." Israel cannot survive as the world's doormat. You get respect when you stand up for your own interests. Helping the Arabs to destroy Israel should not be up even for discussion, period.

Its just common sense.

yitz said...

This idiotic "peace (piece) process" has been going on for decades! When will we ever learn???
A wise man named Rabbi Dr. Nathan Lopez-Cardozo pointed out in a Shiur many years ago (maybe 10 or more) the verse in Parshat Ha'azinu (Devarim 32:21): "They have been faithless to Me with a non-god, angering Me with their meaningless acts. Now I will be unfaithful to them with a non-nation, provoking them with a nation devoid of gratitude."
Do I have to explain to whom this is referring???

Batya said...

Norman that's why I blog. Yitz don't foget the drought.