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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If Americans Love Israel so Much, Why Do Their Leaders Make Dangerous Demands?

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Yoram Ettinger has an interesting article in the Jewish Press detailing Israeli popularity among Americans especially versus that of Arab countries.
According to a February 18, 2014 Gallup Poll, Israel is the MVP (most favorite player) in the Middle East – 72% very/mostly favorable –  leading all other Middle East countries by a dramatic margin: Egypt – 45%, Saudi Arabia – 35%, etc. Israel’s popularity is at the highest since 1991, when Gallup first polled Americans on foreign countries, compared to 2009 (63%), 2010 (67%), 2011 (68%), 2012 (71%) and 2013 (66%). Israel is more popular than most Western democracies, while the Palestinian Authority is ranked among the least favorable (19% favorability), along with North Korea (11%), Iran (12%), Syria (13%) and Iraq (16%). 
Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/americans-israel-is-the-mvp/2014/02/23/
That fact doesn't really surprise me. When I'm in the states to visit family and shop, I'm always asked to sign up with the various stores' credit cards/membership.  I always decline by explaining that "I live abroad."
"Where?" The clerk usually asks.
"Israel," I answer.
And then they generally say one of two things:
"I've always wanted to visit Israel." or
"I visited Israel once.  It's wonderful."
These are the responses I've gotten in Tempe, Scottsdale, AZ, Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA and also New York. The clerks/salespeople aren't Jewish, not by a long shot.  It's very rare for my admission of being Israeli to be greeted with a blank stare, and bli eyin haraa, I've never encountered any hostility.

Most Americans may, like their politicians, be ignorant of facts and history.  And I must admit that even many Jews in Israel have no idea where my hometown Shiloh is located. That has me even more worried than what Americans may think or not think.

The fact that polls show that Israel is a popular country with American citizens is one of the reasons I have absolutely no fear of bucking American policy.  Actually, I think that Israel would become even more popular if our government would tell the Americans to leave us alone and take care of its own problems.  I have no doubt that if Israeli officials would refuse to continue with those dangerous so-called "peace" sic negotiations and simply state that since the Arabs we're supposed to be making peace with envision their "peace" as a world without the State of Israel, we say "NO."

The State of Israel owes nothing to the United States.  It's just a myth, total fiction that the United States has always contributed to Israel's survival.  History shows the opposite.  I don't call shopping coupons for American military industries to be good for Israel or its economy. Our own industrial development and economy have suffered because of these "gifts."

Israel's greatest victories, the 1948-9 War for Independence and the 1967 Six Days War were when we fought totally on our own.  We almost lost the 1973 Yom Kippur War, because we kept on consulting with the Americans, who were also helping Egypt.

And to answer my question "Why Do Their Leaders Make Dangerous Demands?"  The reason is that the State of Israel hasn't had the guts to tell the USA to leave us alone.  In classic bully vs victim mode we will continue to be bullied by the United States until we stop the cycle.  It's up to us, to Israel.


Anonymous said...

The general public has no connection to the ones in leadership. Think it's a worldwide problem. The left is in power most everywhere, even as they are the minority most everywhere. Being democracies do not mean that there is real representation. The minority rules today. Money and power have the control!

Batya Medad said...

a, I've reread this a few times and don't know if you're writing about Israel, the states or in general about the world.
ps It's pretty true about all, isn't it?