Monday, February 10, 2014

Antisemitism in Pollard's Sentence? Nu? No Surprise

It has always been clear to me that Jonathan Pollard's unprecedentedly harsh sentence had to be caused by antisemitism. And over the too many decades he has been held in such harsh conditions there have been hints by American officials.  So here we go again with a new admission that maybe...
Former United States’ CIA Director James Woolsey told an Israeli TV news program that anti-Semitism could be part of the reason the U.S. has refused to release spy-for-Israel Jonathan Pollard.
He pointed out in an interview Saturday night with Israel’s Channel 10 that Americans who spied for other countries were freed after much shorter sentences.
“I certainly don’t think that it is universally true, but in the case of some American individuals, I think there is anti-Semitism at work here,” said Woolsey, who served as head of the CIA during the Clinton administration.

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It's the pragmatist in me, a CPA's daughter, who has seen and felt it all along.  It's no real surprise that someone like Former United States’ CIA Director James Woolsey would never have admitted it while still in office, in power to do something to alleviate the unfair and possibly illegal sentence.  Only safely retired and no longer needing a job has Woolsey come out with his admission.

How many American officials while in power have been willing to admit that there has been an outrageously immoral miscarriage of justice in the Pollard case?

I see a pattern of antisemitism in American policies, from ignoring the antisemitic Nazi policies to today's pushing and pressing Israel to accept such a dangerous "deal" with the Arabs as Kerry and Obama have been doing.
Psaki said the proposed U.S. framework will be the basis for negotiations for a final agreement. Meaning, when in doubt, parrot something, nobody is listening anyway. Except the pesky reporter was listening, and he pointed out the final agreement won’t address the Golan Heights, because it has nothing to do with a Palestinian state. He insisted on referring again to Psaki’s boss, who “says the minute this agreement is signed, 22 Arab nations and 35 Muslim nations will recognize or hold out the hope” of regional recognition of Israel. Will they, or will they have new demands once Israel makes the big cut in its own flesh? Psaki retorted, “Well, Michael, that’s a figure of speech. It doesn’t mean the minute he steps off the stage of an announcement that anything will be implemented.”
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At best, in a decade or more when building memorials, G-d forbid, to the State of Israel, they'll admit that they may have made a mistake.  But they won't admit fault for the destruction of the State of Israel.

The "deal" being pushed is to weaken Israel and make it more vulnerable to further demands.  This is no secret, but Kerry prefers to concentrate on his misleading promises.  But even worse is that the Israeli Center-Left keeps touting its "guesswork" predictions.  Their visions of a post deal Middle East are completely disengaged from the reality of the Arab statements and demands.

We Israelis and Jews must stop taking advice and orders from those who aren't willing to face the truth.  We have one Land and we are the only ones who should be sovereign here.


in the vanguard said...

The problem became that the present administration in the USA secretly bears much more animosity to the Jewish element than any previous American president. Just look at ANY picture where the mole in the White House and Bibi show up together. The hate is unmistakeable! His arrogance knows no bounds, then.

Hashem, we pray daily, nevertheless, to please release from prison our soul mate:
יהונתן בן מלכה

By the way, we see the same thing happening to another Jewish victim, also based on nothing but pure hate of the successful Jew,
Sholom Mordechai haLevi bat Rivkah
(Mr. Rubashkin), thrown into jail for what banks do every day, for 27 years!!

Batya said...

amen, thanks for the comment