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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kerry Should Market The Moon's Green Cheese, More Realistic Than "Peace in The Middle East"

There's no doubt in my mind that United States Secretary of State John Kerry, his boss Obama and many others in this world, do not see things very clearly.

They keep on insisting that the main cause of "tension," Arab terrorism and worse here in the Middle East is Jewish communities like my hometown Shiloh and the fact that we are building homes here.  They have it all wrong.  They should get their eyes checked and their mind cleaned out of pro-Arab anti-semitic/Jewish/Israeli ideologies.

I'm glad that Kerry has heard that PA Abbas's diplomatic-sounding words to him aren't what Abbas says to others, and that Kerry is "disappointed."
US Secretary of State John Kerry expressed his “disappointment” to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday over anti-Israeli rhetoric...The officials said that Abbas had rejected the original framework agreement that included Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.
Abbas rebuffed the part that calls for turning only parts of east Jerusalem into a capital of a Palestinian state, as well as the annexation of settlement blocs in the West Bank to Israel.
Abbas expressed opposition to Kerry’s proposal for a “symbolic” return of Palestinian refugees to their homes inside Israel, according to the officials.
Abbas, the officials said, continues to insist that any framework agreement call for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the pre-1967 lines with minor swaps of land.
The burden of  "compromise" is disproportionately being placed on Israel, as if it's our fault that the Arabs want us destroyed and gone.
The perennial question from pundits and even veteran kibitzers like The New York Times’s Thomas Friedman is whether Israelis are ready to take risks in order to achieve peace. That was the conceit of a column he wrote last week titled “Israel’s Big Question,” and if it seemed familiar to readers, it was no accident. Friedman has been writing the same column for decades in which he asks Israelis whether they will leave the West Bank in order to retain both the Jewish and democratic identities of their nation. If they don’t, and Secretary of State Kerry’s initiative fails, Israel’s doom is, he says, sealed. But of course Israel has already tried to trade land for the promise of peace and failed. The Palestinians turned down three offers of statehood and there is every indication they will turn down a fourth offer of up to 90 percent of the West Bank that is being mulled by the Netanyahu government. Friedman’s assumption – as well as that of many of Israel’s critics – is that if the Israelis are sufficiently forthcoming those problems will disappear. They should instead be asking what it is about the political culture of the Palestinians that makes their intransigence not merely possible but inevitable. The answer comes in two separate stories that touch on what it is that both the PA’s negotiators and Hamas believe.
Read more at: http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/the-question-the-palestinians-arent-being-asked/2014/02/20/
I just wish that Kerry and the rest of the pro-peace negotiators and supporters would admit that achieving peace through these high pressure negotiations is as ridiculous as making money by marketing green cheese from the moon.


Leah said...

Their agenda is evil. It is evil to the core. POTUS and Kerry are so full of themselves that they have no clue that they are just cogs in the wheel. Unbelievable to read "Occupied Jerusalem." Occupied? Occupied?

Batya Medad said...

Leah, yes, occupied by arabs