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We are constantly seeing headlines like this one: Israel's Netanyahu 'Concerned' Over Iran (Nuclear Talks)

א"ר יצחק שנה שמלך המשיח נגלה בו כל מלכי אומות העולם מתגרים זה בזה, מלך פרס מתגרה במלך ערבי והולך מלך ערבי לארם ליטול עצה מהם וחוזר מלך פרס ומחריב את כל העולם. וכל אומות העולם מתרעשים ומתבהלים ונופלים על פניהם ויאחוז אותם צירים כצירי יולדה, וישראל מתרעשים ומתבהלים ואומר, "להיכן נבוא ונלך להיכן נבוא ונלך להיכן נבוא ונלך?", ואומר להם "בני אל תתיראו כל מה שעשיתי לא עשיתי אלא בשבילכם מפני מה אתם מתיראים? אל תיראו הגיע זמן גאולתכם, ולא כגאולה ראשונה גאולה אחרונה כי גאולה ראשונה היה לכם צער ושעבוד מלכייות אחריה אבל גאולה אחרונה אין לכם צער ושעבוד מלכיות אחריה

OUR SAGES foresaw this ages ago, as follows: Regarding Iran, the Yalkut Shimoni, the best-known and most comprehensive Midrashic anthology, covering the whole Bible, predicted (as recorded in Yalkut Shimoni, Sefer Yeshayahu, ch. 499): "In the future Messianic era, Persia (Iran) will make war on (Saudi) Arabia, and Arabia will go and ask help from Aram [Syria?] (or Edom - the West. The Hebrew text is not clear here). Persia will (attempt to) destroy the entire world, and the world will be in chaos. They will fall on their faces and be seized with pangs, like those of a woman in labor.
The Nation of Israel also will be confounded and say, 'Where shall we come, and where shall we go; where shall we come and where shall we go?'
But then G-d will say to the Jewish People: 'Don’t worry, everything I have done, I did only for you. The time for your Redemption has arrived. And this Redemption will not be like the Redemption from Egypt, which was followed by a long and difficult history. This Redemption will be a total Redemption.'" (thanks to Sara Yoheved Rigler for this quote and its source).

Rebbe Shaul Yedidya Elazar of Modzitz ztv"kl

Regarding the so-called "peace process" with the "palestinians," who spell it P-I-E-C-E, the second Modzitzer Rebbe, Rebbe Shaul Yedidya Elazar Taub, said the following:
This is based on a verse in the Psalms (Tehillim, 120:7), which says, literally, "I am peace, but when I speak, they are for war."
He begins by asking, why does it say, "when I speak," it could have just said that I am peace and they are for war." Also, it should say, "I seek peace," what does "I am peace" really mean? He explains by referring to another verse (Psalms 109:4), "I am prayer." What does THAT mean?
A parable: If a poor man who is embarrassed by his poverty, dresses nicely and approaches a wealthy man to ask for his help, he has to pour his heart out to him, to fully explain why he needs help. But there’s another kind of poor man - one who is so poor, that he can’t hide his poverty - his clothing is nothing but tattered rags. Such a person doesn’t need to explain his situation; his entire appearance tells what he is in need of.
So it is with prayer: "I am prayer," means that my entire essence is praying; I don’t need to make a special effort to pray.
And so, too, is it with peace. Whether it be between individuals, or moreover between nations, the most important thing is that one side does not need to explain their inclination for peace to the other. Rather, the entire conduct of that nation demonstrates its desire for peace: it refrains from arming itself, it ceases to draft soldiers into its army, etc. When the opposing side sees this true desire for peace, it too will extend its hand in peace.
BUT when one [nation]’s deeds do not indicate such an inclination for peace, but they only talk about it, "Peace, peace," this will cause the opposing side to do no more than talk about peace. In the end, this will result in war.
So, King David in this Psalm is saying, "I am peace," my whole being and manner demonstrate the desire for peace, and there is no reason for peace conferences. But "when I speak," but my deeds do not demonstrate peaceful intentions, so to "they," the opposing side, will do likewise, which will only lead to war.

Suffice it to say, that after 20 years of a "peace [piece] process," with the other side still inciting its young towards war, and refusing to recognize us, this will only lead to war…

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